Monday, February 09, 2009

In Transit and Treadmill Running

Arrived safe and sound and ahead of schedule into Dallas. We have reservations at the Hyatt Regency right at Terminal C in the airport. We arrived at Terminal D but the hotel is sending a car to come get us. Happy Happy.

This morning, I ended up running 3 miles on the treadmill before leaving Palm Springs. I was very interested in a phenomena that I noticed. About a mile into my run, my left piriformis, my right ITB area and my right hip flexor/TFL area started to complain. In fact, well into the third hour after my run, they were noticeably complaining and many hours later, I can still feel a low-grade grumbling. The interesting thing is not only that I actually noticed it, even though I am typically oblivious, but that I had been runing 6 and 12 miles a day on asphalt, concrete and dirt every day without an issue. In fact, my aches in those areas were almost inconsequential when compared to the pain from the treadmill. And this was after ONLY THE FIRST MILE! So I only ended up running 3 miles total on the treadmill.

I am going to have to get out on roads in icy snowy Boston when I get home. It's better for my body but I'm so bummed out because of the snow and cold. AND WIND! Dang.

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Blogger deborah said...

I've been really worried about running so much on the TM myself. I'm trying to be very careful about listening to my body. I think it's that unvarying foot-strike thing. Overuse issues seem to happen very easily.

10:09 PM  

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