Monday, February 16, 2009

Nutrition and Workout Update

It's been a killer since we got back from vacation. It's not the cold so much as work. Work work work! GAH!!! Takes over my life and pervades practically everything!

Last week was a total wash. Had to walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes twice because of some meeting that started at 7:30 AYY EMM! Who the hell schedules meetings two days in a row at 7:30 IN THE MORNING???

But the good news is that I've been getting out there every day for something and I am very proud to say that I have worked out every single day in Decvember 29th. I have never done anything like this. Ever.

I am going to credit it to my weight lifting training that started in January 2008. I know that my core is much stronger and when I get tired I just tighten my core and my legs feel like they are running easier. I have had no side-lining injury (knock on wood). This is because all of the muscles that are supposed to be engaged and working, are actually engaged and working instead of other muscles compensating for weaker muscles and becoming overworked, which leads to injury. For anyone out there who is listening, I don't care if you hate weight lifting... Just do it. Quit your bitching, moaning and excuse making and just do it (my apologies to Nike).

I was informed by Scary Trainer yesterday that he will be training me 3/week instead of the 2/week that we have been doing. Instead of an hour, we will have three 40-minute sessions. He says that this will keep my metabolism up a lot more. He is into fat burning. I have not lost any of the 8 pounds that I gained over the holidays but he is bound and determined that we not only lose that, but reach my ultimate goal this year. This is good because I am too!

Nutrition is being shaken up a bit too. We have eliminated all visible wheat from my diet. I cannot believe how pervasive wheat is. I don't mean gluten. I mean WHEAT! And it's not just in breads. It's in the hash browns I wanted to eat. WHO THE HELL PUTS WHEAT INTO HASH BROWNED POTATOES??? Ok. So if I want hash browns, I have to make them myself. Pffft!

The other thing is I have to stick to 120g of protein a day. 11 out of 22 days, I was compliant. Uhhhh... not good. Scary Trainer was busy doing diet analysis today. Hffff! Anyway, total calories have been pretty good.

Also, I can only eat fruits and veggies for carbs. At least I get fruit! The night before a long run, I can have rice or potatoes (white carbs). And the morning of a hard run or a long run, I can have a white carb. That's it. The total caloric intake has to be under 1700 calories. (Last week marked week four of 1800 calories so this week I drop down to 1700 for the next four weeks.) Except for my long run days. I stick to 1700, but I can have whatever GU's or carb drinks I want DURING my run and I can count that on top of the 1700.

This is new to Scary Trainer. He said that most of his clients, if not all, are couch potatoes. They are either head cases who eat only 600 calories a day or sit at home all day on Saturday observing the Sabbath and and downing food like there's not tomorrow. And they are all without exception couch potatoes and do nothing outside of training with him! I cannot imagine! Anyway, so he said dealing with an overachieving marathoner who wants to lost body fat, get cut, and build muscle to get strong, is really new and he is learning too. Hmmm. At least he admits it.

So, tonight marks the first night of the new phase.
I torque my lower right back yesterday afternoon and it's hard for me to bed.
We'll see what he has to say about that.
I am sure he will be just thrilled.



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