Monday, February 09, 2009

What a wonderful mistake!

We are so glad we came to Dallas.
We are at the Hyatt Regency at Terminal C.

From the moment we alighted from the hotel shuttle, service was excellent. Franke, the registration guy, was cheerful, friendly, and made sure we were in a non-smoking room on a non-smoking floor. He also told us about the restaurants in the hotel. Turns out there are 3 and one is Mr. G's.

Our room was very nice. A terrific business traveler hotel. Nice desk, comfy bed. Wonderful. They didn't have lotion which was the only drawback.

We went to dinner at Mr. G's. First, the service. Unsurpassed. We were served by the Master Sommelier. Yah. Not many of those around. He has visited every vineyard on the wine list. And he has picked out each wine personally. It's not a huge list and mainly small producers, but OMG how special it is! We ended up with the Rocket Science By Caldwell. The Sommelier knows the owner personally and if they don't ship to Massachusetts we should let them know we know the Sommelier. The wine was a full bodied blend, a Meritage, very subtle and soft but very big.

The restaurant was empty. They had a huge party that took over that ended early and we were one of the first (one only) customers. How wonderful.

The bread was a toasted cheese with slivered almonds. Delicious. And not gucky like my good friend Cher thinks a toasted cheese bread might be.

The scotch list was small so I went with a Macallan 18 and Joseph has an Oban. Normal solid standbys.

For appetizer, I went with the lobster bisque. Ok. I have a tendency to order the same thing over and over at different restaurants. I always order the lobster bisque. Turns out that this bisque has been written up in Food and Wine and has won many awards. In fact, at one competition, they have been requested to NOT enter the bisque because they won so often the others thought it was unfair! Well, no wonder. They take 8 gallons of cream and boil it down to 2. Yah. Heart attack waiting to happen. Thank goodness I take Lipitor!

For dinner I had their petite filet (8 oz - how's that for "petitie", yah) with morel mushroom cabernet reduction, fois gras, and sauteed baby veggies. We also got a side of sauteed spinach. Fabulous. And I had the dauphanoise potatoes (like gratine but it is bound with some egg - a bit of trivia for those who are allegic to egg - but unnoticeable.

I don't like liver. Of any kind. Except for Goose Liver. Fois gras. At first I thought I would be geting pate but instead there was a very small amount sauteed. Funny thing is that Joseph ate it thinking it was mushroom and left the mushroom thinking it was fois gras! Too funny!

Dessert was a combination of 3 specially for us because we couldn't decide! Joseph mentioned that the Blueberry bread pudding tamale was good until he found out it had pineapple. So they left the pineapple out. And then we mentioned that we were interested in the strawberries in raspberry sauce or the raspberries in Chambord so he offered to combine it all for us and leave out the pineapple. All I have to say is "HEAVEN!"

And then we they gave us sliced apples dipped in dark chocolate on a skewer just for good measure.

The service was exceptional. Absolutely unsurpassed. I will definitely be coming back. Every group dinner will be here. And people will look at me and ask, "uh... And why are we going to the airport for dinner??". And when we get here and have dinner, a new tradition will be born and they will do the same and so on and so forth...


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Blogger Paul Nichols said...

We stayed in that hotel one night: courtesy of Am Airlines. Was the night of an ice storm about 10-12 years ago. We were headed to Atlanta, but... And we lived in Dallas, too.

10:41 AM  

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