Sunday, March 22, 2009

5 more weeks til Boston

Last week's training plan and accomplishments:
Monday 3/16 - Rest in the morning, Bike 30 minutes in the evening - Ok. BIG MISTAKE. Uh... 5 miles for 20 minutes on the bike trainer and my hip flexors and thighs hurt. GAH!

Tuesday 3/17 - Run 3 miles in the morning - ran 3.3 miles in the morning. Note to Self: NEVER EVER ride the bike in the middle of marathon training if you haven't ridden the bike for more than 9 months. This is one lesson I won't forget.

Wednesday 3/18 - Run 6 miles in the morning. - 6.28 miles in the morning. The usual reservoir loop. Legs were loose but tired at the same time. I don't get it. And if it's gonna by 55* during the day, why oh why can't it be 50* in the morning when I have to run instead of 34.7*??? The gods are against me.

Thursday 3/19 - Run 3 in the morning. Ran 3.19 miles in the morning. Had a rare morning to do this.

Friday 3/20 - Bike 30 minutes. I learned my lesson the hard way. No biking. Walked 1 mile on the treadmill instead.

Saturday 3/21 - 21 miles - I think I need to run the course again from ile 3 or 4. Maybe Joseph will drop me off. Joseph dropped me off at mile four. I hate my shoes. DS Trainers are not the shoes for me, that is for sure. Then half way through my footpod died so I had to guess at the total miles. Of course it as a highly educated guess so I called it 21.6 miles. That's nothing to shake a stick at, I guess.

Sunday 3/22 - 6 miles - usual loop. Joseph thought I should do 4 miles. First dilemma - that would give me about 39.67 miles. Uh... less than half a mile short of a 40-mile week. Okay. That is really not acceptable. So I went out and decided to see how I felt. I felt GREAT. And there was a running club that I encountered almost the moment I hit Beacon Street. And they were running to the finish! So that's what I did. 6.25 miles total. Happy happy. Better news is that my legs feel fine. AND, I found the shoes. Mizuno Elixers. Sort of like DS Trainers but they put you forward more. It does make a difference.

Total Miles: 41.62 miles. I had no idea. It sort of just "happened." I am very pleased.
Next week's schedule:
Monday 3/23 - Walk 30 minutes in the morning. Scary Trainer in the evening. The Boss's Boss is away. Yahoo!

Tuesday 3/24 - Run 3 miles in the morning, Massage in the evening.

Wednesday 3/25 - Run 3 miles in the morning. Scary Trainer in the evening.

Thursday 3/26 - Run 3 in the morning.

Friday 3/27 - Walk 30 minutes in the morning. Scary Trainer sometime during the day.

Saturday 3/28 - 21 miles again. I will go from the start to mile 21 and see what happens.

Sunday 3/29 - 6 miles - easy loop.



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