Monday, March 16, 2009

6 more weeks until Boston

Last week's training plan and accomplishments:
Monday 3/9 - Rest in the morning, Scary Trainer in the evening. Goodworkout in the evening. Scary Trainer knows it's 6 weeks to Boston and we ended up doing no lower body workouts - just upper body. It was a good session.

Tuesday 3/10 - Run 3 in the morning, recovery run, Scary Trainer in the evening - medium legs. Life gets in the way again. I should way WORK gets in the way. 7am meeting with the boss's boss. This is after staying up until midnight to finish the final draft on a presentation that HE will present to HIS boss's boss. That would be my boss's boss's boss's boss. Got that? So, obviously, I did not get my run in before work. PFFFT.

Wednesday 3/11 - Run 3-4 in the morning. Managed a measly 2.75 on the treadmill. I hate the treadmill. I hate the cold. So I opted for the lesser of two hates and picked the stupid treadmill. Sigh...

Thursday 3/12 - Run 3 in the morning, Scary Trainer in the evening. Ran 3 miles in the morning and lifted in the evening. I can't remember the last time I actually did things according to plan.

Friday 3/13 - Run 4-5 in the morning. Massage in the afternoon. I AM PSYCHED!!! Again. Did according to plan. Ran 4 miles. Happy happy! Massage was fabulous. Chris fixed up my right hip. Complicated but he traced the issue to the front end of the QL that inserts into the obliques and iliopsoas area, all of which was being pulled by the outer quads. Jeez.

Saturday 3/14 - 18 miles - I think I need to run the course again from mile 2. Maybe Joseph will drop me off. No way no how. The parents-in-law were in town and it's not a problem but we were having a huge dinner with Joe's sister and her family, etc., and I had to do shopping and run around and basically do the things that normal people do but which I can't do during the week because I do not have a normal job with normal bosses in a normal business with normal work and therefore, I never have time during the week to do anything. Never. Except, work out, work, eat, sleep. Seriously. It's like I work in a labor camp - morning to night. Anyway... Ever wonder what I really do? Yeah. I do too. So, after dinner and while Joe cleaned up and right before bed, I managed ONE SINGLE MILE ON THE STUPID TREADMILL lest I break my STREAK of working out every single day since Dec 29th! GAWD! What stress that is - keeping up with a streak.

Sunday 3/15 - 6 miles - usual loop. 18.26 miles. And a PR to boot. Finished up about 20-25 minutes faster than my usual 18 milers. And I started from Framingham at the 7 mile mark and ran all the way home. I even ran up all of the hills, including the ones in Newton. Secret? Small strides, fast turnover. This was one of the best runs I've had in a really really long time!

Total for the week: 29.01 miles and 3 Scary Trainer sessions - this is one of the lowest mileage weeks ever and I am not too happy about it because it's suppose to be a ramp up week, not a step back week. Last week was step back week and I ran 31.4 miles! I am so annoyed. This was a tough week at work and with all the social and family commitments on top made things really bad. I am now going to curl up into a fetal postion and lay in the dark for the next 3 days! Right-o.
Next week's schedule is different. Scary Trainer is mixing it up and I am taking a week's rest from lifting. The diet is also changing to prep for the marathon, also. We will see what there is in store but I am hoping to get in many more miles of running inbetween working for eight bosses at work.

And no one better ask me to do anything SOCIAL! GAH!



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