Friday, March 20, 2009

Open note to the people I work with

I cannot be friends with co-workers. Especially if you're a subordinate. And especially if you weren't a friend before you became a co-worker. I am no snob or elitist but personal experience has shown that it doesn't work.

Most people don't know boundaries. Or understand it. They cross the line and expect friendly bantering, joking around, personal discussions, and all that poking around in personal stuff. At work and out of work. And I am very very protective of my personal stuff.

There are a few exceptions, of course. Like my Friend Lilly with the two adorable little girls. And by friend Debbie. But that took years to cultivate and it was unintentional. We all sort of "fell upon it." And even if we are bantering at work, it's usually in private, amongst ourselves, and when there are "intruders" around, we revert back to work mode automatically.

So if I work with you, don't expect me to accept your friend request on Facebook or stop to banter in the halls about another coworker that we are separately Friends with. I don't do stuff like that. And instead of making me like you more, it will probably make things go the other way. And using that is not going to make me more friendly with you.

Just sayin...

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