Saturday, April 11, 2009

The best comfort food in NYC...

Can be found at the Comfort Diner.

There are four locations and we went to the one on 45th and 3rd.
Food was fast, hot, delicious, and not greasy. That's amazing considering it is a Diner which by definition means "greasy."

We ordered some Red Flannel Hash which had chunks of corned beef, sweet potato, onion, scallions and beets. It was YUMMY. Very differnt.

Joseph had eggs benedict with bacon. Different. Joseph said he liked it.

I had an omelet with mushroom, onion and bacon. YUMMY!

A definite place to visit for good breakfast food!

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Blogger sRod said...

Are you kidding? That place is three doors down my my wife's office!!

9:17 AM  

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