Friday, April 10, 2009

Big Time in the Big City!

We're in NYC.
Took the train down.
I forgot my soduku book.
Boring boring boring.

We checked into the Tudor Hotel in Midtown East. It seems we always stay in Midtown East.
It is costing us $85 a night through priceline.

It's very nice and very European.
The room is very cute and the bed is firm and comfortable.

We went out to roam.
Walked to Grand Central.
Took the Number 7 to Times Square.
Switched to the Number 1 uptown.
Got off, walked a block, turned right.
And Lo and Behold! What do my eyes see???

Wings and Beer!

We haven't been here in years.
We're sitting at the bar.
Beer in hand and wings ordered.

Happy happy happy!!



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