Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Diet Note: 3 days on, 3 day off

I am on this diet that my sister sent me from the hospital's obesity clinic. I get about 1200-1300 calories for 3 days of prescribed eating. Then I get to eat whatever I want for four days.

The four days that I am off, I will go back to my regular 1900-2000 calorie eating plan that Scary Trainer has me on. He okayed this plan for now. Especially considering I am going away for a week just about every 3 weeks between now and July!

This first week, I've been really hungry so I've been cheating a little with beef jerkey. I figure it's low fat and high protein so there are worse things that I can cheat with.

But if I can get in the habit of drinking diet soda, I should be okay. I will try that tomorrow and see what happens.

I am hoping I can sustain this approach through the summer. I just want to drop 5 pounds. Five measely pounds!



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