Saturday, April 11, 2009

Exceeding expectations


Did anyone know that they have restaurants in Grand Central Station? And I'm not talking about the food court. I'm talking about the Oyster Bar and Restaurant.

It's in the basement.
But don't scoff.

It's huge and it's beautiful. Tiled and arched ceilings, dark wood panelling, tiled floors, very nice.

Joseph ordered a Chablis.
We started out with 16 oysters - four each of Kumamoto, Blue Point, Sunset Beach from California, and Bogue's Bay in Virginia.

Then I ordered a black cod, pan fried but I could tell it was finished in the oven. It can with rice pilaf and perfectly steamed broccoli, cauliflaur.

Joseph had a caesar salad with crab meat and jumbo shrimp.

My dinner was delicious. The Black Cod aka sablefish aka butterfish melted in my mouth and so delectable!

I had a taste of Joseph's salad and it's probably the best caesar salad I've ever had. It was fabulous! Joseph was very happy.

For dessert, we split a spiced honey ice cream. Good grief! Delicious. Very different. It had Indian spices in it. I felt like I was eating a frozen vanilla masala chai! I only had a few spoonfuls since I can't eat a lot of dairy. But it was so good that a spoonful was enough. Not sure Joseph would see my way. Especially since he had most of it!

This far exceeded our expectations. In fact, we had 3 other back up restaurants in case we didn't want to stay. Instead, this is one place we will make it back to. And being in Grand Central Station, it's easy to find and get to.

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Blogger deborah said...

OMG, are you kidding? The Oyster Bar has been a NYC institution for (literally) decades. My father brought me to lunch there once when I was in college -- LOL! And, yes I agree, it's wonderful!

7:28 PM  

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