Monday, April 13, 2009

Exit the King

With Susan Sarandon and Geoffrey Rush on Broadway.

I thought it was a drama.
It is a comedy with drama underneath.
A dark comedy with a statement on Life, Death, love, and Hope.

The King has a monologue on life. "It's all me," he says (paraphrasing here). "It's all about me. ". And how true it is. No matter who we have in our lives, and who we love, it IS all about "me."

Then there is Love and Hope represented by Queen Juliette, played by Lauren Ambrose of Six Week Under. Even Love and Hope's enthusiasm for life can't hold back death.

And then Harsh Glare of Reality represented by Queen Marguerite played by the wonderful Susan Saradon (who looks great, I might add). In the end, it is she who leads King Berenger to his final breath.

I felt that it was a methaphor of life. We live with love, hope and laughter. But there is always the undercurrent of seriousness and the sobering reality of what this life really is. And that it ends. For each of us. And as we decay, the world decays with us. Our world. The way we define "me."

It was an awesome play. Very profound. I'm so glad we went.

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