Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Giant Kitty

So, yesterday I took Boris Kitty to the cat hospital for his last blood work up.

The first thing Dr. Kaplan said as he pulled Boris out of the carrier was "oh my, he's grown."

Uh... We only saw you a month ago. He's grown? ????
Doctor: Yes. My. He's a big one. He's very long.

Me: Do you think so?

Doctor: Yes.


Doctor: He has all his teeth now.

Me: That's good.

Doctor: Hmmm. He was just over 7 pounds a week ago. Hmmm. Now he's 9 pounds. Hmmmm.

Me: Hmmm?

Doctor: They gain a pound a month. He'll grow for 12 months. And he gained a pound and a half in the last month.

Me: He has 6 months of growing to do? ????

Doctor: Hmmmmm. Well... he probably won't grow to TWICE his current size.

Me: TWICE? He's already bigger than my other cat.

Doctor: Probably won't. At least he's not fat. He's just BIG. And LONG.


Doctor: Hmmmmmm

Me: Hmph.
So I have the world's biggest 6 month old baby kitty. He is huge. He is bigger than my full grown cat. But he is still a kitten in his brain.

Do you know what havoc a giant overgrown baby can wreak to your envionment??? Yah.

And when he meows, a little baby meow comes out of that big body of his. I mean, So Cute!!!

He sleeps all day. They grow when they sleep. All babies do.

He whirls around the house like the devil was on his tail. Then he DROPS. I keep waking him up so he doesn't grow so much. The other night, I woke him up and he sat up. He fell asleep sitting up!

As you can see, my plot isn't working so well.



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