Friday, April 24, 2009

Going back home and doing just great!

Still in Dallas. I am flying out on the 1:20 flight and arriving around 6:05. This means I got to run today and I get to do a little catching up and work before I leave.

Speaking of running, I am doing great. I did an easy 3.05 miles this morning and my shin pain is almost down to normal. It's never zero. It's usually a 1 or a 2 after a hard long run. And that's about where it is. Starting out, it was a little slow going but I got caught up real fast and ended up doing some 9:05 pace for a bit.

I am still thinking about doing Sugarloaf on May 17th. I have to let Scary Trainer know this weekend so that he can adjust the schedule. I know he will be disappointed. He was looking forward to the next phase of training and weight loss. But he has to realize that I run and this is what I am and it is not going to change. The interesting thing is that he told me that I needed to rest and not do anything. I told him I was in active recovery. So, maybe he is right but I know that just stopping and not doing anything is not the right answer either.

Active recovery. Huh. It's funny to hear myself say that since stopping everything for a month was totally reasonable to me before.

I do know that if I run Sugarloaf, I am going to have to drop a few pounds to keep Scary Trainer off my back. Not that he is on my back or anything. But he is also learning about how to train someone who is not a couch potato. So now he has to learn how to train someone who runs marathons. Wait til I run marathons and bike centuries. I think his head will explode! LOL!

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