Thursday, April 09, 2009

I understand it even less

Last night, Joseph and I went to the Lowell Devils hockey game at the Tsongas Arena in Lowell. It's the feeder team for the New Jersey Devils. They were playing the Providence Bruins, which is the feeder team for the Boston Bruins.

Me? I'm a Pittsburg fan, in truth, but when I'm home, I cheer for the Boston Bruins. Get the picture? So anyway... I decided the jury was out on who I was rooting for since the Devils aren't my fave, and they're local but the Bruins are home, but these guys were not. What to do what to do what to do... So I thought I'd wait and see what happens.

The Devils played... Not so well. They fell back in the first period. Then the Zamboni's came out during the break. I am a HUGE Zamboni fan. Huge. In fact, I'd swear that I'd told Joseph this before but he listens and pretends it's the first time I ever told him. Every time I tell him. He's so sweet.
Me: I love Zamboni's.

Joseph: Really?

Me: Yah. I have a Zamboni hat.

Joseph: I know.

Me: I have a Zamboni T-shirt.

Joseph: Really?

Me: Yah.

Joseph: I've never seen it.

Me: Oh, that's because I don't wear it.

Joseph: Why not?

Me: It's in a special place with my special shirts. I don't want it to get ruined.

Joseph: I see.


Me: they have a website, you know.

Joseph: Really? I didn't know that.

Me: Yah.

[Pause. The Zamboni's go round and round.]

Me: I'm thinking about getting one.

Joseph: What?

Me: I'm thinking about getting a Zamboni. A little one.

Joseph: Ah. How little? Matchbox?

Me: No. Bigger. All the parts move.

Joseph: [nods his head watching the Zamboni go round and round.]

Me: I even know how they work.


Me: I'd really like to ride one.

Joseph: You've said that.

Me: Hmmm. I wonder how you get to ride one. It's my dream, you know.

Joseph: Yes, you've said that.

Me: Probably have to give something like $10,000 to a charity or something.
Second Period starts.
Bruins get more scores and lead the Devils.


Then 3 minutes on the board and two security guys come down. Huh? Something about an on ice official saying someone threw something on the ice and blah blah blah. I didn't throw anything.

Now this had happened at the Fleet Center and the Security guys there had wanted to question us. So I thought, "this is simple. We'll go up to the concourse and we'll chat and then we'll be back. And if I'm lucky no one would have scored."

But, he says the "Now we have to go to the office."

The OFFICE? What the HELL are you TALKING ABOUT??? There's only THREE MINUTES IN THE PERIOD and YOU want ME to go to the OFFICE???

I turn to Joseph: Did YOU throw something????

Joseph: I didn't throw anything. You were right there!!!

Me: SOME times you do things and I don't see you doing them.

Joseph: [blink blink blink]

Me: Just checking. [I am HIGHLY annoyed but then I am starting to get worried.]
WAH! I'm going to go to Jail!

We get into an elevator.
Down we go. Into the BOWELS!!
I should have thrown something. Sheesh.
Just to make it my while!
And I SO want to tell Joseph that the Blue Security Guy looked really MEAN. But I was afraid if I said that, it would get worse. So I kept my mouth shut. But it was HARD to do that. Very Hard.

And then we get off the elevator and we're in a concrete room next to the ice.

I think I'm gonna cry.
What is this?

So, this guy comes up. One that Joseph had earlier told me was asisstant manager or something. And I'm thinking, not only is this BAD, but this is also EMBARRASING!

Anyhoo, turns out it was a joke.

A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Instead, I was going to go for a ride.

On a Zamboni!
A ZAMBONI RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!

A ZAMBONI!!!!!!!!!!!

So, up I go into the seat.
I get some instructions and an overview of the Zamboni I'll be riding.
I strap myself in and off we go!!!


We go round and round.
I smile and wave.
No beauty queen wave for me.
We are in the middle of the ice.
I sit on top.
Watching the Zamboni work it's magic.
Around and around.

It shaves off the top of the ice.
It shoots the ice up through a shoot and into the front collection bucket.
It's a BIG bucket.
It let's out hot water.
Then it smooths the new ice.


I look up and wave to Joseph.
I wave to the people in one of the boxes that we know.
I wave and wave.
I am so happy.

In the middle of the ice, I want to freeze time.
I want to run around and lay on the ice in the middle of the arena.
I want to have it be like that forever.

And then it was over.

Back to the Zamboni Garage.
I get to pull the lever that dumps the ice into a drain.
We go around and look at all the ice it's collected.
I get to see the batteries. Two really big batteries that run the Magical Zamboni!
Then we get a picture of the Zamboni driver and me standing in front of it.

And he gives me a mini stuffed Zamboni as a souvenir.
It's on our mantel.
A special place!

Afterward, a random guy came up and wished us a happy anniversary. He had seen me on the Zamboni and the announcer had announced my name and that we were celebrating out anniversary. So nice!

Well, if there was ANY doubt before, there was none now. The Tsongas Area is tops and the Lowell Devils are my fave!!

Yup yup yup!

I went for a dream ride. It was on my list of "Things I wish I could do before I die but probably never will." I never thought I would do this. Never. I wonder if Joseph can arrange a ride in a space shuttle for me!! He always has this ability to arrange these seemingly impossible things.

On the way home, I told Joseph: "You know, when I see people on the Zamboni, they're just sitting there. Dull. Boring. It doesn't look special. I never understood that. And now that I've been on one myself, I understand it even less."

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