Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Shoes and New Lunch

After breakfast, we decided to explore Upper East Side since we would be in the neighborhood when we visted our friend Mary's store (Jackrabbit Sports). The store was great. And the staff was awesome. Of course. If you work with Mary you have to be awesome because she's an awesome person, and only awesome people need apply. Ya know?

So after making some purchases of shoes, socks, and other stuff, we walked around the neighboorhood and I thought, in a word, that it was boring. Dull. Dull dull dull. No need to go back there that's for sure. The most exciting moment was when a woman with bandaid over one eye was looking up at the store sign and was walking a little and therefore squeezing us between her and the building. I said something, then she saw us and she said something, and we exchanged words and she said I could go around her and I said she had us pinned with her big body and well... I told her she did not want to go there... and that was that. I walked in and the guy at the counter was laughing. Glad to provide morning entertainment.

The interesting thing about this store is that they fit you by watching you run on a treadmill using a video cam. I tried on the Nike Vomeros, which did not work. I have a slight pronation on my left foot only. I was afraid to do it but I finally tried on my favorite shoes, Mizuno Elixers, and they were perfect! Yahoo! Then just for grins I tried on a pair of Zoots. And ya know? they worked. They controlled my left foot. Wow. Not a lot of support and they are really light but bought it since I want a pair to alternate with. I'll give it a whirl next week to see how it is.

Afterwards, we made a spur of the moment decision to go to Koreatown for lunch and we finally relented and hailed a cab.

We just started to walked and saw an interesting looking new-ish place called Don's Bogam. It was a Korean BBQ and wine bar. Huh! I didn't know that Koreans drank anything other than whisky and Soju (which is a whisky).

We were warmly greeted and the hostess gave us a plastic bag for our umbrellas. And then seated us right away.

We ordered Mandoo because we always do. We ordered it fried because that is similar to how I make it and Joseph likes to compare. Theirs was deep fried, which I found interesting. The dumpling was quite good. Different than mine but good. Joseph really liked the dipping sauce.

We ordered a daenjang chigae which is a soybean paste stew homestyle with fermented soy beans, zucchini, straw mushrooms, fish base broth with spices, hot green peppers, onionsn clams, etc. It's wonderful comfort food having grown up with it.

We also got the Beef Rib meat BBQ with hot soicy sauce that was served on a bed of sliced sweet onions on a blazing hot cast iron pan. The beef was cooked in the kitchen instead of us having to grill it on the tabletop grill.

And it came with the requisite rice and banchan. Lots and lots of banchan.

The serving sizes were just right and we were very satisfied without have to worry about leftovers.

We also ordered a 2005 Burgundy. The first bottle was corked. But the second bottle was delicious and went very well with all the food!

I'm glad we ducked into a new place. We had originally thought about going to the Korean dumpling place. But the food at Don's Bogam was wonderful, clean, delicious and the atmosphere was modern. The service was also very good.

We will definitely go back to this place in the future.

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