Monday, April 20, 2009

Pre-race thoughts

Another long training run.

I can't believe I'm going to run this race. Of course feeling this way is acknowledging that this is more than just another long training run. Must think about that...

7:52 am. I'm starting to get hungry. I wonder if I should eat my sandwich now or wait til we get to Athlete's Village.

I have to pee. Again.

Long line of yellow school buses. I'm so glad I'm not on one of those. At least we can stay on our club bus and we have a bathroom in the back. Hmmm... Which is occupied right now.

I'm might plant that garden in May. Mid-may they said. I guess I have to wood and lots of dirt. I wonder if I should get manure, too.

People walking to the start. They must live here. We must be close.

Ok. I hope I had enough to eat. Maybe I should have brought that banana.

I have to remember fig newtons for the next race! OMG. They hit the spot. Don says they're the perfect marathon food. He should know after 175 marathons!

I need to use the bathroom again. And that line is long again. And it's cold out.

OMG. Don has Fig Newtons. That was so good. It topped off my tank. I think I'm good now. I have to get fig newtons for the house.

Everyone is coming back into the bus. They are emanating cold air from their persons. Jeez.

Gotta use the bathroom. Again.

Gotta use the bathroom. AGAIN!!! GAH!!!!

Time to go. Must find the porta potty line close to the start.

OH! Sign in Chinese. Hmmm... Ok. It says "good luck" on it. Thank goodness it's translated underneath.

Porta Potties!!!! Must go stand in line! Oh. Jenn!!!

This is a long line.

I think that other line if moving faster. Dang.

Oh. That guy is dressed like a banana. Whoa. The bottom of that banana end looks nasty. If it wiggled it would be really nasty.

Lines moving pretty fast.

Ok. My turn.

Gotta get back in line. I have 15 minutes til race start.

Hmmm... It's thinning out.

Line is moving slower.

Wow. Batman and Robin. They're really short.

My turn.

Get back in line. Maybe not. Walk to the start around the corner. I wonder if I can stand here and wait for my numbers to run by so I can jump in without expending too much energy.

Dang. They're making me walk to the corral.

Ok. Has the race started??



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