Friday, April 10, 2009

Slow Shoes

So, this morning I go for a 6 mile run.
It was one of my slowest ever.
I was so annoyed.

Just when I'm tapering and with only 10 days until the marathon, my legs are sluggish and won't move. WTH???

So I pondered on it.
And I concluded it must be the shoes.
Brooks Glycerines. GAH!

And I thought back and realized that every time I wear these shoes, my hamstrings and calves hurt. And my upper thighs. Always the upper thighs. And I HATE it when my upper thighs hurt! On any kind of decline, my thighs are working overtime because the forefoot is so wide. And it's as if the soles have some sort of dampening effect - it absorbs the step and gives nothing back. No bounce.

I hate these shoes.

Even my Mizuno Alchemy's that weigh a bit more than these have more give and bounce!

I hate these shoes. So I'm going to send them to my sister with less than half the usual mileage on them. She just walks to and from work in the shoes I send her so it'll be ok. They are quite nice to stand around in. Or even to walk in. I am so annoyed with these shoes that I'm not even going to wear them at the gym like I do the other pairs before I rotate them out to my sister! She is going to love them! And they are almost new.

So, for the first time in my running life, I'm actually noticing the effect that shoes have on my run. I guess if you're out there consistently and putting miles on your legs with focus and intent, you're liable to notice every little difference. And for the first time in my running life, I am also going to call it quits on a pair of shoes. For me, this is huge. It's like walking off the marathon course because you are having a bad day. These shoes were giving me a bad day whenever I ran in them.

Now I need to find a pair of shoes that I can alternate with my Mizuno Elixers. Looks like I might be trying out the Nike Zoom Elites again. The old ones had a tendency to get "squishy" at half life. But they're light and comfy and have the heel to toe drop that I like. All the other shoes in my repertoire are heavier, slower and inefficient for anything longer than 6 to 8 miles.

In the meantime, I'll be looking for a big sale on MIzuno Elixers. We're going to get close and personal, it appears.



Blogger Chris Hughes said...

If you want a shoe that has some spring - check out the Brooks Ghost.

10:52 AM  

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