Monday, May 11, 2009

2009 Book Review #2: Wild Swans

Ok. Let me just say this. After reading this book am so glad that I wasn't born a Chinese female in the past, oh... 200 years. Okay. It couldn't have been better 201 years ago. So, I'm amending that to say that I am soooo glad I wasn't born Chinese. Period.

What a life. It was so hard for a female. Anyway, this is a great book. It' s pretty long and can appear to be a bit daunting. But the minute I started, I couldn't put it down. Interwoven into the story of three generations of women, is the history of China. Sweeping and epic. You get an understanding of the Communist takeover, the players, the powerbrokers, and the truly schizophrenic, psychotic rulers that ran amok, ruining lives and stopping progress.

I would recommend Wild Swans to anyone who is interested in history and for those who just want an good, involving story. I am amazed at what they went through, their ingenuity and their resilience. Without them, China would not have survived. Through all their suffering, which no one can truly understand, the repression and oppression of a patriarchal society and the whims of a government led by a series of madmen, and madwomen. When I see a Chinese woman, I will see in her face the history of her ancestors and how they survived so that she may survive today. Embodied in them is the suffering of history. I salute the women of China.

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