Saturday, May 09, 2009

2009 New Restaurant #3: Orinoco

Do you know what Orinoco means?
I have no idea.
Might mean nothing.
Might mean something.
Who knows?
We went there about a month ago and all I know is it's Venezuelan food, and thias place serves food that is wheat free, and delicious. Our friend Jacqui turned us onto this place when she and Joseph went there for dinner one night.

We had the trio of Empanadas - chicken, fish, and Black bean with some Venezuelan cheese. It came with a fabulous cilantro dipping sauce.

We also split the beet salad with greens. Since I do not eat goat cheese, we left that off. It has julienne slices of granny smith apples in a vinaigrette that was delicious.

I ended up with a whole red snapper that had been cross cut and then deep fried without a coating. It was crispy and delicious! The meat was juicy and tender and the taste was "clean" - no greasy oily fried taste!

It came with tostones - fried plantain cakes. I was wondering how you make them when I noticed a recipe for it in this issue of Food and Wine magazine. Go figure! It's a great replacement for rice, potatoes and bread. And what pain to make! You have to deep fry the initial raw plantain after you've cut them. Then you mash them and make round shapes with them. And then you pan fry them or bake them again.

There were so many interesting things on the menu. We're definitely going back as many times as it takes to get through that menu. The owner came by and asked us how we liked it. We gave him a rave review. And the service was excellent. We had a bottle of wine and it was bad. There wasn't a question about sending it back. We ended up with a good bottle to wash down our wonderful meal.

We are definitely going back.
I am thinking that Brookline Village has some gems of a restaurant.
I've got to get to that Tibetan place one of these days!

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