Sunday, May 10, 2009

2009 Restaurant Review #4: Snuffers

So, in April, the day after the marathon, I flew to Dallas for work. I never saw so many marathon jackets at the airport before. But then, I've never been at the airport the airport the day after the marathon either.

I stayed at the brand new Hilton in Southlake. It's really nice. It's in the middle of a shopping/residential area called Town Center or something. Anyway, talk about convenient. I walk 3 minutes out of the hotel to Snuffers for dinner. Cheap fast burger place.

I got a salad (huge) and a burger (huge) and had a beer (Shiner Bock). It was really good. I might go back. And I like this hotel.

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Blogger Chris Hughes said...

Snuffers is not too bad. There are bunch of these joints scattered around Dallas. If I were traveling on business this would be exactly the kind of place that I would enjoy - quick good burgers and some tasty brewski's to select from!

9:45 AM  

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