Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ankle Update

Nothing new to report.
It still hurts.
The swelling is down but the pain is still there.
I went to the massage therapist yesterday and he said my hamstrings, calves and achilles are shot. Basically they have the kinda lumpiness that he feels in the muscles of the high level athletes. I just laughed.

So I think that time off from running is in order.
Time to use the biking muscles!!

Ok. I should qualify that.
It is time to give the running muscles a little but of rest. That is NOT to say that I will NOT run. That is to say that I will run LESS. Which is probably in the range of about 20-25 miles per week - as opposed to the about 40-45 miles per week that I haven been doing.

I might also get into the pool.
I hope I do not drown.



Blogger Chris Hughes said...

pool good. bike good.

Indeed - its time to let the ankle heal.

10:18 AM  

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