Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bad as a way of life

Is it really bad when managing chaos becomes a way of life?
When all you do during the day is go to meetings, back to back, without
a break?
And if you have to heat up your lunch or go to the bathroom, you must be
late for your next meeting?
And then you have all the work that comes out of the meetings, all
piling up on your desk.
And you realize that you can't ever take a day off or you will fall into
the Great Abyss of Late Deliveries and Angry Bosses. Of which I have 4
or 5 now. Because if you are late then they are late. It's like shit
flowing up hill for a change. Ya know?

Yeah. I think it's really bad.
Just wanted to make sure I wasn't delusional.



Blogger Chris Hughes said...

yup. for me too. exactly.

1:34 AM  

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