Sunday, May 24, 2009

Exhausting and Satisfying

Ok. So let me wonder for a moment about how taxing and exhausting spending the day with a 10 year old boy can be.

We took Luke (Joseph's nephew) for the day yesterday and it became quite clear that the day's theme was "The Search for Shoes." Nike Shox, to be exact.

We picked him up in the morning.
Then we were off to Home Depot for gardening supplies since Niketown was not opening until 10. Then from there, back home to dump the stuff off.
Off to Niketown in Boston. Walked around, saw the different rooms, went to the shoes and ... nothing. Sigh... They have the Shox but not in his size.

Then off to Santarpio's for The Best Pizza in New England. He ordered so many toppings that you couldn't hold the slice up. You had to SLIDE it onto your plate.

Then back to Boston to go to surprise.
Luke: Where we going?

Uncle Joe: Hmmmm....

Luke: Aunt Julia, where we going?

Me: Don't know Luke. Your uncle is driving

[pause pause pause]

Luke: Do they sell shoes?

Uncle Joe: Nope.

Luke: Do they sell clothes? I hope we aren't going to a clothes store

So we arrive at Fenway and into the Boston Red Sox Team Sports Store.
Luke: WOW!

Uncle Joe: Well, look at all those clothes! I guess we should leave.

Luke: These clothes are good!
So, Luke picks a Jason Bay jersey and selected a hat. Then off to Johnny Cupcakes. Didn't open until 3 - some big event with a long time - no idea why. Then we go to the Pru to Olympia Sports. They have the Shox. Yeah! Oh. They do not have them in his size. They have the pinks ones and the purple ones. Uh... well, that is not going to work. Bummer.

Then back to Newbury Street to the Life is Good Store. We pick out a couple of T-shirts - one for him and one for his sister. And then to the Boston Bean Store (my favorite) and Luke helps me pick out beans to add to my collection and selects a bean for his sister.

Then what? Well, I was absolutely exhausted. Non-stop question and answer to occupy our time, in and out of the car, walking around. Good Grief!! We headed back home for a rest.

Then it's time to go back to his house where we will have dinner with the family.
Luke: Can we go on a whale watch?

Me: What?

Luke: Can we go on a whale watch so I can see some whales?

Me: No. You should have said something this morning. Whales are napping now.
We pile into the car.
Luke: Is there a Dick's here? (As in Dick's Sporting Goods.)

Uncle Joe: [thinks for a minute] No. I don't think we have one near us.

Luke: Can we go to the mall?

Uncle Joe: What mall?

Luke: There's a mall around my house.

Uncle Joe: Really.

Luke: There's a Dick's there.

Uncle Joe: Where is the mall?

Luke: [thinks for a minute] I don't know.

Uncle Joe: Well, it's hard to get to if you don't know where it is.
So, we have an uneventful trip to the mall with a very disappointed little boy in the back - until he realizes that we are going to THE MALL! With DICK'S SPORTING GOODS in the MALL! Turns out Joseph figured out where it was because he comes down for business in the area once in a while.

We had to the back of the store.
And they have the Shox.
And they have them - IN HIS SIZE!!!
Happiness and excitement is restored once more.

The singular focus of a 10 year old boy.
And even more amazing... I survived it all.

Of course I slept for 10 hours.



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