Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Great Shrinking Year

When you plan ahead for the rest of the year, the year sort of shrinks. Joseph and I were talking about my training after the marathon this coming weekend. And how I might run Reach the Beach this year in addition to the usual driving I do - especially if you consider that if all goes well, I should be in the best running shape I've ever been in. On top of that I plan on running 5 marathons in 5 months beginning in August. And how I would like to get to 50+ mile weeks - at peak to start with and then inching up so that 45-50,52 is the usual mileage. Anyway....

So, he is going to do the training plan for me and we talked about how we would take the 2-4 weeks real easy - like no real plan but what I feel like. 2 to 4 miles one day or 6 yo 8 another day, or maybe 30 minutes for a couple days in a row because that's how my body feels. Then the next two months he will concentrate on some other things.

That's when I realized it. Here we are, barely mid-May, and I am already living ahead in August. The incredible shrinking year. Hmmmm....

Anyway, I need to drop about 10 pounds. I know that my body will gain back five, then hold steady. That's how my body does things. Lose ten, gain five, hold. Lose ten, gain five, hold. I've been like that forever. So, I am digging out the diet that Scary Trainer gave me when I first started with him. And since I weight less, I'll take the caloric total down by 100 a day and see what happens. I plan on starting this durig recovery next week, which is the right time since I will be running a whole lot less and will need to be careful how much I eat.

I ran in the zoots today. 10 miles. Felt great except my socks were too thick and my toes went a little numb. But overall, from a total mileage perspective, the shoes were great. I had the fastest 10 miler I've had in a long time. But just in case, I plan on packing the other fast shoes, too.

I am praying for a good day. Overcast with a tail wind. Just temperate enough to avoid having to wear a lot of clothes. You take what the day gives you but I've got to hit Jackpot once. At least once.

Tomorrow morning taper starts. 2 miles easy in my slow slog shoes.

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