Tuesday, May 05, 2009

No Sprain... Tight Soleus

Last night I told Scary Trainer I thought I had a sprain. Of course he started in on "sigh...runners...all that running..."

Needless to say, considering he doesn't understand running at all and how they train and recover, I was NOT amused. I said that it wasn't the running. And he said all that running is not good for you. ARG!!! I said that's because people run to the exclusion of everything else! I mean, HOW do you explain the fact that in the first QUARTER of this year, I've run about as much as I usually run in prior years? And I am still running strong. It's because I am LIFTING in addition to RUNNING! Before I did that, I was on the injured list every single year. So, it's not the running. It's the fact that you pound over over-pound on an unstable base. And of course there are structural malformations, too. Like if you have bad knees in the family, you will get bad knees. It's not the running. It might hurry it along but the running is NOT the cause of it.

So he goes on and on and on, and I finally got sick of it and said, "enough about the running. You don't understand or like running or cycling so I don't want to hear it. Lots of people don't like lifting either." And that was that.

Anyway, at that point, he concentrated on my ankle and thought it was a tight soleus and not a sprain. Hmmm... So I went home after the workout and use The Stick on it and then Joseph worked on the soleous a bit, and it HURT LIKE A MUTHA!

And this morning, I could see feel the "hitch" in my ankle, but went out for a run and ended up having the best run in a long time! I wore my Zoots. They are light and fast. And they make me fast. They shave off about 30-45 seconds a mile. Running uphill, even! I ended up running 3.2 miles.

I am so glad that it's not an ankle sprain.



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