Thursday, May 14, 2009


I'm in NYC.

I took a flight to JFK then switched to the Airtrain which took me to Jamaica Station where I switched to the LIRR to get to Penn Station. From there I took a cab to Wall Street. The process would have been faster if I didn't spend 15 minutes trying to figure out what tickets I needed for the trains! They never make it easy for you.

So a whole afternoon of meetings and now we're all at the Exchange. I wasn't going to come for this portion since it meant I wouldn't get home until after midnight. But I knew Joseph would give me crap for a long time. So here I am.

Security is intense. Outdoor security. Your name's gotta be on a list. Check the bags, photo ID, then inside to more security. Check photo ID (again) put your stuff on a security scanner, then you walk through a scanner. Then down to the left, two steps, into a holding area. Then they come get you. You go through a narrow short hall, take a right, and then take the elevator up to something like the 7th or 8th floor.

Then another check point, names on a list, name tags, etc. And into an auditorium. And here I sit. Waiting for a launch of a vendor product. And I get a free book out of it. About something I have no idea about.

Rumor is that aftee, we go to the floor of the exchange, rub elbows with some traders, see their work spaces, maybe ring the bell (try it out) and then eat and drink. For free. That last part is important, of course.

I'm scheduled on the 10pm flight. I'll leave about 7:30. This doesn't end until 8:30 but I am not staying until the end! That timing might me a little early for the flight since I already have my train tickets. I might take the subway instead of taking a cab though. That way I don't have to hail a cab and talk to the driver.

I have a while to start.

Oops. Program's starting. Ho hum...



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