Monday, May 04, 2009

Sprained ankle?...?????

I think I did it again.
Sprained my ankle.
My left ankle has been bothering me since Saturday when I went out for my 4 miler. Nothing happened. I stopped at a red light and started up again and that's when I felt it. A slight twinge to the front side of my right ankle. Nothing hurts but there is something definitely going on there.

This happened once before when we were in South Carolina visiting my brother last year. That time, it was my right ankle. And after careful examination, my brother looked up and declared that I had a very slight sprain. And that is exactly what happened this time. I think.

At first I thought was a tight muscle. And then about 5 minute ago, I had an AHAH moment. It sucks. But at least I know what it is. It doesn't make it suck any less though.

Time to leave for Scary Trainer. After all that's happened with the lifting and my recovery from the marathon being set back for a week, he's gonna love this one.




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