Friday, May 15, 2009


I slept in this morning in a guest room (didn't want to wake up Joseph at 2am) and shut the door. Which meant a good deep sleep without Boris Baby and the Dingle Doggie waking me up at 3, 4, and 5am consectuively.

I am also working from home. Rolled out of bed and have been on my butt in front of the laptop. At some point I have to go out and run and now I am thinking that I should have done it earlier because the temperature gauge says it's 84.9* out. WHAT???

So this morning, I am down a lot of weight. It's not like I have been workiug out that hard. But then, I didn't eat as much yesterday either because I was on the road.

I had my normal breakfast.
Then at the airport I knew I would be hungry fast if I didn't get some fat into my system so I had a SMALL bag of tator tots.
Then a Larabar.

For lunch, I went to a local wrap place - ended up eating the insides and left the toritilla out. It had beef and veggies in it. That's it.

At the meeting I had a TINY SLIVER of choc cream torte. My slivers are pretty small, if you know me. And TONS OF COFFEE.

At the event, I had about 10 pieces of sushi and a glass of wine. That's it.

On the flight around midnight I had a promax bar - about 20 g of protein and 280 calories. I loved it. I am getting more of it.

That and a whole lot of walking around (being in NYC), staying up, stressing out, etc., all burned calories.

I need to take a small lesson from the type of eating I did. 5 small meals all day long. Wow.

Maybe I should travel to NYC more...



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