Tuesday, May 19, 2009

When is a streak a streak?

So, does it count if you break a streak because you are sidelined by an injury as opposed to an excuse?

My ankle is stil swollen. Not as bad as yesterday. So I didn't run yesterday and I didn't run this morning. I am lounging around like a big two-tied sloth. Do you know how fast they move? Yah. They don't. And that's how I feel.

Depending on how it feels and looks tomorrow, I might also have to take tomorrow off. I think that SOMEONE is trying to tell me that I might need to take a break and found a way to make me take one, even if I politely disagree. But given a contest between me and God, I would say you could bet on the winner every single time. Yup. Yup yup yup.

And given the situation, I am not going to lose any more sleep over it. And I am going to say that injury, death, birth, and of course, not being anywhere near land is reason to excuse breaking the streak. So it's not really breaking the streak. It's just sort of a... um... hiatus. Which is different.



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