Thursday, June 18, 2009

2009 Restaurant Review #6: Mistral, Redwood City, CA

On Monday, I went with a group of people I worked with to Mistral's Restaurant and Bar in Redwood City, CA. It's right around the corner from the Sofitel and I didn't even know it was here. I was told that I had gone there a few years ago, but let me say once more that large chunks of my memory have been erased, never to be retrieved.

We got there 15 minutes before the kitchen opened but they were very gracious, showed us to a nice table, and immediately started paying attention to us.

They have a good beer, wine and scotch collection so I started out with a glass of LaPhroaig neat with a side of water. Interestingly, when you ask for a side of water, they bring you a side of water, even if there is another filled water glass given to you before they bring you the side of water. This seems to be universal at every restaurant but it has happened without exception. Anyway...

For an appetizer, we started out with the Fritto Misto that had calamari, rock shirmo, artichokes, green beans and onion strings with two sauces - spicy aioli which wasn't all that spicy and a cocktail sauce that was also a bit "meh." And what can you say about Fritto Misto? It's fried. The interesting part about this was that they had other things on it besides calamari which means things much more interesting than your standard plate of fried calamari.

For dinner, I had the special - Alaskan Halibut on Tomato Risotto. Good grief it was delicious! The fish was flaky and velvety and melted in your mouth. It was a very substantial piece of fish, too. And the tomato risotto was delicious. The tomatoes gave it a reddish hue and the flavor was tangy. I would have never thought to put tomatoes in risotto but I thought it was a very nice combination and set off the fish quite well.

For dessert, I had nothing. If I am going to eat relatively well, I might as well get rid of any and all extraneous food items. And I thought dessert was a good place to start.

I am glad I found out about this place. It's so close to the hotel! Other than the hotel, which has wonderful food by the way, it's nice to have another alternative without having to hit the busy freeway!

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