Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blast from the Past

I got a Facebook chat with a friend from High School. Wow. He is in Myrtle Beach on vacation as a promise to his 14 year old daughter who graduated from 8th grade. Anyway, he works for IBM in Raleigh where my company also has a major site.

He has 3 children (girl boy girl) and the oldest is going to be in NYC working in Harlem for Americorps. After that she will be going to DOOK Divinity School. In spite of the lofty meaning of all this, my friend and his wife graduated from Carolina so it's hard to take. LOL!

If he visits up here, he will ping me.
If I ever get down his way, I will ping him.
He is one of the nicest people I remember from the old days.

This is so cool.

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