Sunday, June 21, 2009

Coming Back Slowly

So, it's been a little over a month since I injured my ankle at Sugarloaf Marathon. In that time, I have managed to get in a few rides on the trainer, two runs where I should have thought better of it and not run, and some walking and training with Scary Trainer.

I know that the ankle is getting mch better because right after the marathon, I couldn't stand one-legged on my left leg much less do all the balancing exercises that Scary Trainer gave me. It was worse then my first session with him almost a year and a half ago! But over the last month, I have almost reach peak stability. The marked improvement was amazingly noticeable.

So today, I am going to wrap the ankle and go out for very very slow mile and see how it does. I think it should be okay but I still have some twinges and pain once in a while.

And depending on the day goes, I'll think about starting my streak up again. Or course I have to think about The Plan since I have a marathon to think about in August.



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