Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fresh Fish

We signed up for the Cape Ann Fresh Catch Share. It runs for 12 weeks. We signed up for a half share which is 4-6 pounds of whole cleaned fish every week for $180. That comes to about $3 a pound. That is CHEAP. You get whatever the fishermen catch that week. And you go pick it up at a designated location.

Tomorrow is our first week. And since I am going to San Francisco for work in the morning, Joseph will have to pick it up. Our pick up between 4 - 6:30 pm on Mondays. The good thing is that it's on the way home from work, and just over 2 miles from our house. The bad news is trying to get out of work every Monday to pick it up.

I am psyched. We've been eating a lot more fish lately. There is nothing like Fresh Fish. Nothing. So delicate and soft, the flesh just melts in your mouth.

Since the fish comes on the bone, Joseph and I will test our fileting skills. His idea of how to filet is different from mine, right down the the kind of knife to use. Jeez. We'll see how it all comes out.



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