Monday, June 01, 2009

Got the Neck Figured Out

It's the mouse. The damn computer mouse.

On Saturday, I stayed away from the computer.
Last night, I got back on the computer for a couple of hours. I got off the couch and my neck hurt like it all git out. It went back to square one!
And the minute I suspected it, I held the back of my shoulder and a part of my neck and moved my thumb and forefinger like I do when I click the mouse or click the fingerpad clicker on the laptop. And sure enough... I could feel that muscle moving... all the way up from under my arm, to the back of my shoulders, to the top of my shoulders, right to the base of my neck! ARG!!!!!

So, now I need to use my big ball mouse with my right hand.
And I have to stay away from the finger pad!
Of course, this means that I can't sit on the couch mindlessly playing video games!



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