Thursday, June 04, 2009

My Friend Hank

I work with him. And not even really. He was put on a special project that touched my area. I was glad I wasn't dealing with it at the time. But of course I'm dealing with it now since he handed it off to me in January. Then there was another project. And then we started taking Chinese together. And even though I still sorta don't work with him, even though I do, we're friends. And by any measure, we're pretty good work friends as far as work friends go.

Anyway, he's a long time military guy. He's in the reserves now. He's a colonel, which is something pretty hard to achieve and one I was remotely a part of; the goverment came to interview me about him right before he got promoted. Hank thinks I told them too much when I told the government that I thought he was a good guy. And it did raise a few eyebrows, I will admit. Anyway...

He is leaving next week and will be deployed in the Middle East somewhere for 6 months. I know that with what he does, he will be relatively safe. What safe is relative in a war zone no matter how safe you think you might be.

So, I wish him Godspeed.
And I pray that he stays safe and comes back home to us whole.



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