Sunday, June 14, 2009

Who are you calling a liar???

Drama drama drama at work.
First lesson in life: Never ever cross an Angry Korean Woman

So, I am in charge of updating some technology guidelines at work. We have a whole slew of them. I have about 17 sections to update. About 5 of them have been doled out to other people who are responsible and they are in charge of gathering the experts together, collecting feedback and opinions and settling on a direction for the next 6 months to 3-5 years. And if you are talking about doing this with a lot of very talented, very senior, very opinionated technical people, it can take a while and is harrying at the very least.

So on the 8th, I sent out a bunchaemails to a bunchapeople about this activity, to which most of them replied. Except for one arrogant conceited egotistical person who I can't stand dealing with because it's like walking on eggshells. And so after a few days, I start to get a little panicky and ask the super-admins to give me back authority to the system that I have to update. They respond that it's done and they copy "C" who never responded. So C responds with something snarky like, "Well, I guess you tried to contact me using telepathy...blah blah blah..."

So I respond like a civilized person that I wasn't sure if he was too busy, away on vacation and this is a lot of work, etc etc etc.

The next thing I know I get an email from his boss who I will call "K" who says... "this is an important job and one which we do not relinquish lightly and nor would be want to...etc etc etc... And oh btw, if you profess to have sent an email, then I would like you to send me those emails with the dates and times, etc etc etc..."


And for the record, this is NOT an important job... the role is one of a glorified data entry person. And if you knew what you were talking about you would know that!

If I could have, I would have crawled my way through the computer lines, ended up coming through his monitor, reached my hand down his throat, pulled his tongue out and wrapped it around his neck and choked him.


So I send the following email:
I delete my send folder every day unfortunately or I run out of room.
I would be glad to provide you with it if I had it.
If you are calling me a liar, then I guess my word is as good as C saying he did not get it.

As I stated to C, I will be more than happy to make him steward again. All he had to do was answer my question
[of whether or not he wanted it back because I knew he was very busy]. I do not know if he is busy or what so what I thought I was doing was being considerate of his time. This is very time sensitive and a lot of work so it is understandable if he is too busy.

I will go in and make him steward.
I would like you to know that in fact, a year ago, it was I who asked C to take over this area as I thought it something he could add a lot of value to. That opinion has not changed.

If you want to discuss on the phone, I am at my desk. My extension is...

And as for vouching for my honesty, you can probably poll just about everyone I work with to get an opinion. I would be happy to supply hundreds of names.

I am only replying thusly because I read distrust in your email that I had ever sent it. If I am misinterpreting, please excuse."
And wouldn't you know... no response. Just like a coward.

So, the next day I was still fuming! I bombed into my boss's office to rant and rave my tale of injustice and woe. Of course, he confirmed the guy is an ASS. Then I found the original email I had sent to C in my inbox - and forwarded it to K. I usually have all emails default to sending a copy to myself. And I know that if it's still in my inbox, the person never responded and I have to follow up. But this time, since I was emailing so many people with so many return receipts and so many original copies, I ended up deleting most of them. But luckily, I still had this one! Anyway, I forwarded the email to K. He was out in TRAINING. I hope it's training about discretion and how NOT to call people LIARS. In fact, I told him I wasn't just FORWARDING the email, I was adding it as an ATTACHMENT in case he thought I was lying, and fabricated the email and made the whole thing up.

And then after I sent the above email, C sent me another email saying that maybe he never got it because people in his own group have sent him emails in the past which never got to him and it could be OUTLOOK. Uh... HELLOOOO... YA THINK??? Oh, and that he does NOT want the responsibility and the additional work.

I forwarded it that one to K, too.
So does someone have EGG on their face?
And does someone need to have a chat with another someone and vice versa about going off and calling people liars before checking all the facts???
I think so.

I will let you know if I hear from him.
Of course, I probably won't.

But no one. NO ONE. calls me a LIAR and gets away with it.
My memory is long...



Blogger Tracy said...

I am a firm believer in the "Cover Your Ass" work style. Save everything! Copy everyone! Too many d*uch*b*gs out there and having your own proof of innocence is priceless. I wouldn't want to be on your bad side Julia. :-)

8:18 AM  

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