Thursday, July 30, 2009

So. Tired.

Going to bed early again
I am so tired.
I've been more tired than usual lately.
It seems to becoming a perpetual state.
What is up with this??

Must be the humidity.


And another thing...

...just because we belonged to an organization together about 10 years ago, and I barely knew you, doesn't mean that you are friend enough for me to be your facebook friend!



Just because you send me an email

... does not mean that you are my friend or that I will friend you on facebook.



Found It!

I love the internet.
I found a pair.
As in ONE PAIR at Sole Sports.
On sale for $79.99 and free shipping!
Of course, they only had ONE in stock.
Found that out after I tried to order two.
But, I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth.


Random Though: Zoots

Why is it that one of my favorite running shoes are so expensive?
And why is it that I wait around for a sale only to find that the ones
on sale are not in my size???



Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Now I know what sleep does

So,after the excitement of The Boris and The Mouse, I made it out of the house for a run. It was warm but not humid like the last two days. I wasn't in a great mood to run, but I didn't NOT want to run. Sort of a take it or leave it kind of thing.

So, I headed out (must earlier than usual, mind you, even with all the last minute piddling I tend to do), and I started out thinking about 3 miles. Then I thought "ok, maybe I'll take a right instead and do 4."

And around 4 miles, I didn't even look up or think about it, and I just sort of kept running.

I ended up doing some speedplay and running 5.73 miles - according to the footpod. And I felt great!!

Now, I am wondering if I can beat my own workout streak record of 140 days straight. I think today is the first day!


We have a mouser!!

I woke up this morning about 3:30 or 4. I can't remember. I'm rarely coherent at that time of morning. But I always look at the clock.

Anyway, I woke up because of a banging sort of noise. I got up and - nothing. So I came back to bed. Then moments later, the same thing and the Boris comes into the room. And then into the hallway leading to the master bath. I think nothing of it. And he's still banging. And then quiet. And then a sudden rush and flurry and loud rush into the bedroom with a crash and a bang... And then back into the bathroom.


That's it. I've had it. I walk over and talk to Boris and as I lean down he's got something in his mouth. So I reach down and something NIPS AT ME! GAH! I turn on the light and it's a MOUSE!!!!!

He puts it down on the bath mat (a big plushy mat) and bats the stunned mouse around. When it tries to run, he goes after it and bats it back down. Then picks it up again in his mouth and puts it back on the rug.

After much jumping around and my hyperventilating, Joseph gets an old t-shirt and puts it over the Boris's head and the mouse and when Boris comes out from under, Joseph grabs the shirt with the mouse in it, takes it outside and releases it.

Phew!!!!! I am not wimp and other than muddy river bottoms and flying insects, I'm afraid of VERY little and EVEN LESS grosses me out. In fact, when I was younger I had 2 mice as pets. Actually they were more of a science experiment and I am on a mission to pay penance for that by not killing any creature for the rest of my life. Anyway, I was more concerned that the Boris, that naughty little kitty baby, would KILL it and thus, bring the WRATH of God and the supreme being of the cosmos upon by by generating such bad karma through the killing of an innocent creature! GAH!!!!

But Joseph saved the day. Again. First the bat. Now the mouse.

And what is it about the fauna in this house?? That was one lucky mouse. ONE LUCKY MOUSE!!! It must have come in from the outside what with all the rain wev been having. Poor thing.

Thank goodness I went to bed early last night!!
Otherwise I would have collapsed from excitement and exhaustion!

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Random Thought: HEAT!!!!!!!

OMG. It it hot.


We went from 60 to 90 overnight!!



Friday, July 24, 2009

And now that it's morning...'s RAINING!
In fact, it is POURING.
The rain work me up in the middle of the night.
And I ended up moving to a quieter room where the roof is higher up than our bedroom.
I FINALLY got some sleep.
But not enough.

This rain is starting to be a little ridiculous.
I feel like I live in Cherrapunji, India which is the rainest place on earth.
On. The. Earth.
I can't imagine.
Hmmm... maybe I can now.


And yes. I am at work BRIGHT AND EARLY waiting for that 9am meeting!
And I am VERY HAPPY ABOUT IT, I might add.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

So damn annoyed!

Tomorrow I have to come to the office for ONE meeting because my boss said I had to. And because of that I will miss the meeting right after so I can come home to go to an appointment.

And to add insult to injury, my eyeglasses broke this morning. So I'll have to drive home in the rain, blind as a bat!

Oh. And now that I walking to the garage, it's starting to RAIN!!!!



Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Note to Self: More Rain

It's raining again.
We've had so much rain this spring and summer.
I'd better not hear a thing about droughts or wildfires come August.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

No self-discipline

So, it occurred to me in a flash this morning right after I got up, and had my coffee (in bed that Joseph brought me), and I watched Joseph run around collecting things to go for a two hour bike ride, that I have no self-disciple. Last night, I said I'd go for a ride, too but this morning, I didn't feel like it.

And I remembered that I haven't looked at Chinese in a week, I have a list of things to do around then house, I need to get back on my damn diet, gotta get motivated to workout like crazy again, and stuff piled up at work. I can't get ahead of any of it.

And I spend evenings and sometimes periods during the day, play stupid video games. Of course, I tell myself that the level of downtime I require is inversely proportional to my work life. Well that excuse it getting really tired and old.

So, it's time to kick myself off the couch and get some self discipline. I started by going for a 6 mile run. And about a mile and a half from home I got stomach cramps so bad that I had to walk the rest of it home! I can't even get a 6 mile run in, it seems, without some sort of drama.

The good news is that I took out my Nikes and I love them! They are so much lighter than my Karhu's. And that made me very happy. Another thing that made me happy is that I switched out my thick ankle support for a smaller, thinner support. Other than about 3.5 miles in, the ankle was fine. There was brief moment of strain for about 5 minutes and then I forgot about it because of the stomach cramps. And of course, cracking open a new box of shoes also make me very happy. I love new running shoes. I think I will send the unused pair of Karhu's to my sister. They are just too heavy. If I want heavier shoes, I can go with my Mizuno Alchemy's instead.

I also saw a little chipmunk during the run. They are really cute. Then I remember that they are rodents and the cute factor hangs in delicate balance. Then they do something cute and they are cute again. They made me happy.

So, on the run, I felt better about things. And I remembered what Yoda said, "There is no try, just do."

I gotta remember that.

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Cheddar Cheese

It has over 7 grams of protein per ounce. Wow.
Who knew.


Friday, July 17, 2009

Random Thought: Federal Reserve Police

Are they real police?
Or the fake kind?
I know they carry guns.
Does that make them real?
They can't be.
They smile more.


Starting Over

It seems that I am in a constant state of starting over. The ankle has been slowly improving. The other day I was thinking about it and it's been 2 months since my marathon. TWO. MONTHS! And it's taken that long for my ankle to feel "right" during a run, even if it is wrapped. I've been doing a 3.3 mile loop for a while and tomorrow I plan to go out and test it on a 4 mile loop. I will keep it wrapped for a while.

The weight was way up. But now I am back on my diet of counting calories, protein, watching my carbs, etc., and over the last 5 days, I've dropped a total of 4 pounds in water weight. Wow. I know that after this week it will be a struggle to get back to my low weight from last summer. But I know I can do it and I will get there and lose another 4 pounds on top of that which will bring me to the weight I was when I met Joseph 8 years ago. Wow. Eight. Years. Has it been that long??

I have Scary Trainer in the early afternoon today. The other day, I lifted 40# dumbbell chest presses. I did 8 of them. Scary Trainer was psyched. The most I've lifted is 42.5 for 3. And he says I am almost back to where I was before the marathons this past winter and that I am coming back strong. Excellent.

Dinners continue to be a challenge but last night, we had steak, stir fried bok choy, a nice plain salad with vinaigrette dressing, and stir fried mushrooms and onions. I also had a glass of wine. In retrospect, I should have had water instead of wine. I was a little over where I wanted to be in total calories but since it was a high protein day, I still dropped water weight.

We will see what the weekend brings. I have a cookout to go to with Joseph.
Sigh... sabotage sabotage sabotage everywhere.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009


I finally got my mid-year review today.
My boss and I had our regularly scheduled one on one as usual and we had both forgotten about this. LOL! Anyway, the review was really good. In fact, he said that he could really see me being promoted to SVP one day.

Errr.... Hmmm.

First, for him to say that...
It's huge.

Second, not sure if I think that's a good thing.

Now I have to go and think about this some more.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sleep deprived

Joseph had a terrible snoring bout last night. He does that when he's really tired. So last night he must have been utterly exceptionally exhausted. Every time I came out of deep sleep he'd wake me up. And then it would take 30 minutes to fall back asleep. After endlessly poking him, I decided there was no reason for BOTH of us to get no sleep so I moved to another room.

I am so tired. In fact, I am so tired that Scary Trainer had to modify the workout tonight to avoid the heavy nerve-firing exercises. Which also meant that the workout wasn't as long. But I' still as tired as I' be with my normal routine.

Anyway, I'm going to have a bite to eat and I'll fall into bed.

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Note to Self: Never forget to wear my visor...

...when it's sunny out with nary a cloud in sight. Ugh. It's been so cloudy, I'd forgotten what it's like.


Registry Redux

Well. I must say that it was a very pleasant experience. In and out in 30 minutes (if you don't count 10 minutes of waiting for the door to open).

And the nice lady asked if I wanted to keep my old picture because I looked the same.

That's not bad considering that the old picture is about 10 years old! Happy happy!



I was talking to Scary Trainer the other day about carbs and how I don't like eating a lot of fruit or veggies because it increases the carb count.

He said you need to take out the fiber from the total carbs. So if you have a plate of broccoli that is 20g of carbs and 5g of fiber (not saying it is, just as an example) then it would only count as 15g of carbs.


He said I could eat broccoli all day long and not worry about it.

Huh. Who knew.

Now, I wish liked broccoli that much.



Going to get my license renewed. The doors aren't open and the line is a block long! And the blocks around here not short! That's for sure.

I hope I don't spend half the day here.
Places to go, people to see....


Sunday, July 12, 2009

A new take on vacations

Saw this on a t-shirt this morning: "Chad's Tri-cation." LOL.
It's like Joe's trication.
And my runcations.
It's a new twist on vacations and staycations!


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Note to Self: Never exclaim loudly about rum cake...

...and how much you love it to people who own the best Italian bakery in all of New England (if not the whole country, IMHO). Because they will give you a goody box of half a whole giant rum cake from their bakery.

Oh. And they'll find a way to throw other goodies into that box, too.

And this is after they've stuffed you full with desserts.
And this is AFTER you have already had HUGE pasta dinner.

I am now offically a Fat Cow.


Note to Self: Never close one eye while driving... scratch the other eye because you have an itch.
Because you lose your 3-dimensional perspective.
And you need that to drive and avoid running into the gray metal barrier in the median.