Sunday, July 19, 2009

No self-discipline

So, it occurred to me in a flash this morning right after I got up, and had my coffee (in bed that Joseph brought me), and I watched Joseph run around collecting things to go for a two hour bike ride, that I have no self-disciple. Last night, I said I'd go for a ride, too but this morning, I didn't feel like it.

And I remembered that I haven't looked at Chinese in a week, I have a list of things to do around then house, I need to get back on my damn diet, gotta get motivated to workout like crazy again, and stuff piled up at work. I can't get ahead of any of it.

And I spend evenings and sometimes periods during the day, play stupid video games. Of course, I tell myself that the level of downtime I require is inversely proportional to my work life. Well that excuse it getting really tired and old.

So, it's time to kick myself off the couch and get some self discipline. I started by going for a 6 mile run. And about a mile and a half from home I got stomach cramps so bad that I had to walk the rest of it home! I can't even get a 6 mile run in, it seems, without some sort of drama.

The good news is that I took out my Nikes and I love them! They are so much lighter than my Karhu's. And that made me very happy. Another thing that made me happy is that I switched out my thick ankle support for a smaller, thinner support. Other than about 3.5 miles in, the ankle was fine. There was brief moment of strain for about 5 minutes and then I forgot about it because of the stomach cramps. And of course, cracking open a new box of shoes also make me very happy. I love new running shoes. I think I will send the unused pair of Karhu's to my sister. They are just too heavy. If I want heavier shoes, I can go with my Mizuno Alchemy's instead.

I also saw a little chipmunk during the run. They are really cute. Then I remember that they are rodents and the cute factor hangs in delicate balance. Then they do something cute and they are cute again. They made me happy.

So, on the run, I felt better about things. And I remembered what Yoda said, "There is no try, just do."

I gotta remember that.

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