Sunday, August 30, 2009

My instep hurts!

Thought I would mention that. GAH!!!


Everything hurts

I hate taking time off from running. Why? Because when I get back into it, every little bit of further distance is crappy and everything hurts.

I went out for a 12 miler today. And of course I procrastinated, but I thought it was fine because I kept checking the sky and the sun was behind heavy clouds and it was cool, almost fall-like, and thought I had a lot of time. First mistake. By the time I was ready to go, I could see sunlight. ARG!

I ran long Beacon Street, down to Newton Center, then onto Center Street, and up Comm Ave, and then back down by the road next to Boston College and then around the reservoir and back down Beacon to home. 12.05 miles.

I was doing great for the first 10 miles. I am not wearing my HRM because I think the battery is dead (because it beeps incessantly while telling me that I am running at 150% of my max HR until I think I am going to go out of my mind) so I only wore my footpod. I was sort of cruising along, feeling pretty good (in spite of the blasted sun) and then it hit my. My left instep started hurting, my legs got really tired, and then my whole body just revolted. I walked a large portion of my last two miles and even then, my pace was not that much off my usually slogging pace. That means I was really cruising along for the first 10 miles. No wonder the wheels came off.

I also ran in my heavy training shoes instead of my lighter ones. I thought I would need the extra support and now I am wondering if these shoes and their extra ounces are really all that good for long runs. Next weekend, I have another 12 miles on the books and I'll switch to my lighter shoes and see what happens.

Tomorrow I will go out for an easy 3 miler. In my lighter shoes.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Late Nights and Early Mornings DO NOT MIX!

So, last night, the Big Dinner happened. Other than the fact that the Chef and his Wife could not attend because she was stuck in Chicago on her way back from Vancouver because the air space around Boston was locked down due to all the presidents coming into town for Teddy Kennedy's funerial events, it was a rousing success.

The last couple left around 11:30 and we didn't get into bed until 12:30. Mix that with a couple extra glasses of wine, not enough water to compensate, and not a restful sleep, the morning was not pretty.

I woke up but was still exhausted. In fact, after we went out for breakfast, I went back to bed and sat there with my laptop and watche the funeral events on television. Then it was time to get up and study some modicum of Chinese before we headed out to Chinese class where I could barely keep my eyes open, I was so exhausted.

Then back home. I will say that my Streak is alive and well. It was raining all day and with the way I felt, I just did not have the energy to tackle the road. So I stayed indoors and made use of the treadmill. Phew.

I am going to sleep well tonight.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Streak Day 5 Report

So, today I am on Day 5 of the New Streak. I went out for 4 miles and ended up running 6.4. My wrist is a little sore from the hostling and the tension from holding it up and my knees are a tad sore from the
pounding but that's not unusual for me after a week or two of virtual slothness.

Anyway, the weather was cool and dry and I really felt great. It felt so good to be out there. I ran with my footpod and no HRM and I wonder if the HRM actually holds me back on some runs. I kept looking and since I didn't have a HRM to monitor, I just kept running and didn't worry about it. This was also one of my fastest 6 milers in a really long time.

I also figured out my diet. The bigger dinners I eat, the worse off I am. The more carbs I eat, the more I weigh. I've been keeping it under 100 grams of carbs a day with 120 grams of protein. Fats fall wherever but it's not like you can eat a ton of fat on it's own and I tend to make wiser food choices anyway. When I do this my calories are right around 1600 which is probably a good place for me. I drop like 3+ pounds of water in a few days. And then yesterday, I went out with Lilly and had some sashimi and my beloved spicy scallop hand roll. Total carbs around 115-125 depending the the true value in the food. Got on the scale this morning and I am up a pound! ARG! I am hoping it's the sodium from the soy sauce.

So, of course, I am starting to get it and the news is slowly starting to sink into my thick skull...

Anyway... Tomorrow's weigh in won't be so great either. I am cooking dinner for a partner at a law firm who collects mid-century chinese porcelain, his wife who used to own a restaurant, two women who own BRIX Wine Shop, a Chinese woman who's famiy owns the 3rd largest shippng company in the world (or something like that) and her husband who is a chef and owns a restaurant in Boston. Oh, and then there are Yongmei and Richard, both of whom just like to eat and drink.

I am cooking Korean food. More carbs. More Sodium. More food.

So tomorrow, I expect to have gained 5 pounds. Thankyouverymuch...

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Every three years

It happens. I get the group to run like a top. Managers in place, people are happy, doing a good job, processes are improving, we're getting better, life is starting to get easier for everyone. And then it happens.


So, I have inherited a whole group. It has a total of about 70 MORE people, another NEW location, and more people in SLC, where I only had one person and moving them out later would be easy. So now, I have 150 people total, 8 locations instead of 7, 7 direct reports instead of 4, and a whole new service line I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT! GAH!!!

Deep breath deep breath deep breath.

So, things seem to be going well now that we are into day 2 of transition.

Then I met with another guy from yet another division and he wants me to take on a WHOLE OTHER AREA with 1 more manager and 6 more people! GAH!

And this is only the beginning. There is at least 1 more move that is a definite. And another one that everyone is hell bent on making happen which is gonna be WAY political, and maybe another 2 or 3 later on.

Oh and I can take my time as long as we do it all by January 2010.

I mean, What the hell???

Oh, and I also have a new manager and we have essentially be elevated a level.
This means I also have a secretary. A SECRETARY!!! ARG!!! I do NOT need a secretary. Ok. She is very nice and seems okay but she wanted control of my calendar. MY CALENDAR! No one gets control of my calendar. NO ONE. And especially someone I just talked via email ONE DAY AGO and have never talked to face to face. Ya know???

So far, I have spent the week in back to back meetings. Everything I had been working on is tabled because I have this other stuff to do. And it was good stuff that I had been working on and now I think that I have to assign that old work to someone else. NOT. HAPPY.

I need to go to bed.


I can eat dinners

I am figuring it out and I'm starting to get used to the idea. It's not like I can't indulge every once in a while but just not everyday.

The last few days I've eaten a light dinner. Probably 350 calories, maybe 400. I'm also eating 5 to 7 times a day - snacking is becoming a way of life. Each snack is a meal.

I am also concentrating of maintaining less than 100 grams of carbs and getting in at least 120 grams of protein. I let the fats be whatever they end up and not worrying about it. And as a result, the total calories have been between 1500 and 1650 a day. Which seems to be perfect. For now. I am staying away from breads, rice, pasta - the simple carbs - and eating veggie (complex) carbs.

So I have dropped 3 lbs in 3 days. Tomorrow I have a lunch meeting and Friday I have a dinner party I'm hosting. But I am not too worried about it. I just won't overdo it and stay on my eating regimen for the rest of the day.

When I get back to long runs, it will be interesting but I know what to do.

I know ill make my goal this year.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's coming

More work.
More travel.
More people.
Different manager.
Just when I had everything lined for an easier work life.


Streaking again

I've decided to start The Streak again. Today is workout day 3 which was a session with Scary Trainer. He demolished my legs. And my core. It's amazing how much he can do without the use of the upper body!

But my hand is healing nicely. And the wrist could have a bone bruise but it's getting stronger too.

I have 137 days to go before I tie my previous streak.
Nothing like counting the days...


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

If I won the lottery

I'd send my niece Jordan to culinary school so that she can follow her dream and finally meet her destiny.

No one that young should have to worry and compromise themselves into a life shaped by a path they'd rather not choose because of money and circumstances. The latter which regulates the former.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to the same ole inspiration

It's always the same story. Go to an athletic event, get inspired, workout and eat right for a few days, and then fizzle out. At least, until the next event. And this heat and humidity adds a lot to the fizzle unfortunately.

So yesterday was no different. Joseph and I went to the Timberman Half Ironman to cheer on his tri team participants. On any other weekend, Joseph would have been out there competing but not this year because of the wedding we went to on Saturday night.

And every time I go, I am inspired and awed in so many ways. First there are the super fit athletes you know you could never compete with. Then there are the not so fit looking but you know they are because they are out there doing this race. And then there are those that make you gape because if you ever saw them on the street, the largeness of their person would make you think that all they did was sit on the couch and eat. And eat and eat and eat. But they are out there competing in a half ironman and that evoke a totally different kind of feeling - awe, disbelief, and certain feelings of inaqdequacy. And this coming from someone who has run probably over 50 half marathons and about 15 marathons.

And every time I go, I come away with renewed feelings of rejuvenation and commitment. This time it was a wake up call. My running/workout daily streak was 140 days before I got sidelined by a stupidity injury and I've never been able to get back to that same level of commitment and fervor. Maybe this weekend was just what I needed. Because now I am feel another workout streak calling my name.

I also walked away with a feeling of getting back into the pool, and missing those two-a-day workouts I used to do. I am thinking of going to the pool this week and giving it another go.


Home at Last!

We are home. Thank the Good Lord in Heaven, we are HOME! And it feels so good to be here.

We got home yesterday afternoon. Joseph's sister Anne had stayed at our house over the weekend with her niece and the niece's boyfriend, along with an couple of friends, which I didn't know about but Joseph reminded me that he had told me on Friday that she had emailed him about picking up her friends from the airport...

Ok. So from that I was supposed to OSMOSE the fact that they were staying at the house, too? I should have been more explicit. Jeez.

Anyway, at first I had was feeling a little crowded but they turned out to be very nice, quiet people who were interesting to talk to so no worries. Annie and Jordan left and the couple stayed - they are leaving today to go back home to North Carolina. What a short trip for them. They are hoping to leave a little early so that they can explore Boston a little before heading to the airport.

Anyway, they went to the store and bought groceries and made us a great meal! I was so relieved. On the way home, I thought we would just go out to eat but it was nice to stay home and have someone else cook and I could just chill and deflate for a while.

So, today, it is back to the good ole drawing board. Working from home, trying to get stuff done. It's a busy week. I am not going to be seeing Joseph too much this weeks - he has something almost every night and when he is free, I have something going on. Wow.


If I won the lottery

I'd pay off all the debt my in-laws had.

They shouldn't have to worry so much after all that they've done.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dutch Treat in the valley

Down in the valley.... the valley so low....

Ok. Technically, it's not the valley just because we drove down the BIG HILL from the Sunset Hill House, but it feels like it.

We went to lunch today in the little town of Franconia which is next to Sugar Hill. We went on the search for Dutch Treat Downtown Restaurant & Grill and we missed it the first time, had to turn around, and double back.

It's a tiny place, easy to miss, sitting next to a deli that seems to be about 3 times bigger, and across from an ice cream store, a coffee place, a hardware store and a sporting good store - all of which we visited with the exception of the deli since it seemed a bit silly to go to the deli after eating lunch first.

It was coldly air conditionined, and had simple decor with wooden old fashioned tables and booths made of that 70's style laminated fiberboard that pretends to be wood but which we all know isn't.

There was one person who was waiting tables and doing a pretty good job of it. I think she was the owner or one of the owners. The website says that it is family owned.

The menu was surprisingly varied. We started out with the french onion soup which was very nicely done. Very cheesy provolone cheese over the top, not too much and not too little, with little croutons in the soup and lots of onions. Very aromatic. Very tasty.

And then a basket of onion rings. I like the onion rings where the batter is a little raggedy as opposed to the type that is perfectly battered rings since the former usually tells me that it's home made and no processed. We got the latter, and we think it is processed but there was real onion inside the perfectly formed circles of batter. Not the best onion rings that I've ever had but it was pretty decent.

I got the fried haddock sandwich with the cole slaw and Joseph got the blue cheese burger that supposedly had blue cheese inside of it, topped off by red onion.

My fish wasn't that-day-fresh but then, we get fresh fish on Monday's and well... we're spoiled and no fish is the same after. But if you don't get fresh fish on Mondays, I supposed it would have been just fine. It had a nice melting of cheese over it and the bun was very soft but not so much that it broke apart. For something so soft, it was surprisingly substantial. It came with lettuce and tomato and no pickle which kinda irritated me. But no matter... the cole slaw was quite tasty.

Joseph and I had split the burger and my fish sandwich and I wish I hadn't. I liked my sandwich much better than the burger. There was something about it which didn't taste right to me but I can't put my finger on it. And the blue cheese was a small sprinkling on top instead of being stuffed in the burger, and the smattering was so small that I couldn't really even taste it. It came with fries which were disappointing to me and I love french fries. They were a perfect golden but again, I can't put my finger on why I didn't like it.

No dessert. They had a decent beer list. Joseph had a Long Trail and I had a Newcastle.

Would I go there again? Sure. Why not? But I think next time we will try the Deli next door.

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Sugar Hill, New Hampshire

Hmm... Let's talk about the smallest place I've ever been to. Ever. That I am aware of. Not until we came to Sugar Hill. No wonder I've never heard of it!!

So, after breakfast Joseph and I went driving, which is something that I love to do. My father gave me the love of long leisurely drives when I was a little girl and we'd go driving every Sunday.

Joseph basically drove the course he ran which was around 6 miles. And let me just say that Sunset Hill House is on THE HILL which is surrounded by THE MOUNTAINS. And THE HILL is NOT SMALL. I think Sugar Hill is higher than it is wide because the drive was very short.

We did end up at Harman's Cheese Shop which was wonderful. We got a half pound of the Really Aged Cheddar and a horseradish Cheddar. And I scored 7 new jars of mustards. Happy happy!!

That was a short 20 minute stop. Then we ended up at The Sugar Hill Sampler, which is a short walk from the Sunset Hill House. And it was very interesting with an assortment of miniature doll house things, to wooden bowls, and handbraided baskets which were intricate and just beautiful - some were made out of PINE NEEDLES! And there were soaps, and candles, and quilts. And a food section where I got some pickling kits, some cheese crackers, and a jar of mustard. Another one. Happy happy!!!

When we got ready to check out, I noticed some veggies. They were so green and beautiful that I thought they were fake. So I had to touch them and discovered they were REAL. They came from the owner's son's garden next door and were picked that morning. These were the best looking carrots, green and yellow squash, lettuce, and cucumbers I've ever laid eyes and hands on. Amazing. I was bummed out that we couldn't get them.

Anyway, the town is tiny, we are back, I scored 8 jars of mustards and an assortment of other goodies. And now Joseph is taking a nap.

In my calculations, that's not bad for an hour's worth of driving!


The Sunset Hill House

So, we arrived yesterday afternoon in the middle of muck and drizzle and lightning flashes everywhere.

First, it's an old house that was built in 1880. The stairs are crooked, the floors are slanted, and the house itself has lots of room that interconnect through a variety of think hallways and landings. It's really very very charming. Wonderful.

When we came in, we got off of 117 and drove up. And up and up and up. Hmmm... And then we took another left and kept going up. Ears started popping and we could see the clouds getting lower. And then there it was, right on the street, separated by a single thing asphalt sidewalk - the Sunset Hill House.

The actual Sunset Hill House was across the street but it was razed in 1973 or something like that. And the Sunset Hill House that is still here used to the house that housed the servants of the guests, who stayed in the main Sunset Hill House across the narrow street. Yeah. I had to read that line twice in the brochure. I guess in the old days there was more destination travel via horse and buggy and you lodaded up personal property, adults, kids AND the servants and you stayed for a while.

We have a room is on the second floor with a fabulous view. The room is small and serviceable, no dresser, but it has a closet, and a nice bathroom without any counters. I have placed most things on the nightstand next to the bed, on the small desk, on the little sitting chairs, and on the floor. They do have two sturdy luggage racks.

The balcony is large enough for wrought metal table and 2 matching chairs and looks over the pool over to the right, and fields of flowers, and shrubs, and trees, and then you slowly look up and there are the mountains. Directly across from us is Cannon Mountain.

This morning Joseph went for a run. He didn't say much about it except that he only went 6 miles. We went down for breakfast and all of the wedding guests and family were there. Very very cozy. I really loved it.

Breakfast was actually pretty exceptional. There was the requisite coffee and juice. On the side board there were minature apple turnover squares and cranberry scones. There were a lot of standards on the menu - bacon, eggs, ham, eggs, cheese infused home fries, bread, buckwheat pancakes, etc etc etc. They also had a couple of specials - blueberry pancakes and a western-style omelet. I asked for ONE pancake because I know that they are usually huge and I can bare eat one, never mind a short stack. Joseph said he would have what I didn't eat. I soon regretted it because it was clear, that this over-blueberried, soft, moist, large pancake was something that I just wanted to hoard and eat all by myself. I have never seen so many blueberries in a pancake! And they didn't just lay them on top, it was very evident that the blueberries had been put into the batter and mixed in. It was the BEST blueberry pancake I've ever had. And the bacon was also thick and crisp. Perfect. If I had not been conscious of my diet I would have asked for seconds. Then there was the eggs - 1 egg, 1 egg white, over easy - perfectly cooked. And the home fries that rosemary in them and it was delicious!!

They are supposed to have one of the best restaurants around and have been written up. Sad to say they are closed because the wedding we are attending has taken over the whole house and the kitchen. And another sad this is that the wine list is really good. During breakfast Joseph read the wine list cover to cover. All I heard were appreciative groans and grunts which I took to be good signs. After he put the list down and declared, "it's too bad we won't be able to eat at the restaurant, the wines look really good."

We are going to go driving around Sugar Hill next. We might find something interesting. Like a bear or a moose.

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If I won the lottery

I'd move my baby sister up here, buy her nice little house around the corner from us with a fenced in yard and pay for her wifi and cable.

And Joseph would get her a job at the bank.


Friday, August 21, 2009

Going to a wedding

In New Hampshire.
There has been a 14 degree drop in temperature since we left the house. And we are not even there yet! Even so, it shows that it's still 78 degrees out. Still warm. And we just went through a rain squall with BIG raindrops. It must be steaming outside. So glad I am in the car.

There is also lots of lightning. I imagine that as we go further up and into the mountains, they will get closer. We gotta keep moving. Standing still could be a killer!

So, we are staying in Sugar Hill. Never heard of it. It is in Franconia Notch. I have no idea why it's called Franconia Notch. I will have to think about that one.

I am a little "meh" about going to this place. I can't imagine what there is to do there. Cannot. Imagine.

More later.


If I won the lottery

What would I do?

I have no idea.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Things I don't understand

Sleeveless turtlenecks.
Especially when it's 94 degrees out.


Random Thought: Which Finger

So, as I was dressing this morning, and I noticed I was using my thumb to pull things up or as leverage to put things on and I thought to myself, "hmmm... if I had to choose, which finger would I pick? My thumb or my forefinger?"

So I pondered on that for a while and now I am thinking it could be close tie between my thumb and my middle finger.

Anyway, Joseph walked into the room and I relayed this thought to him because he says he like to know everything I am saying or thinking even if it is to myself or out loud to no one.

And he just sort of looked at me and walked out of the room.
Another example of "be careful what you ask for."

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Sick and Tired So I Did It

Finally. I got so sick and tired or reading recipes with porcini mushrooms or mushroom powder and passing on them because I don't have any of either, that I finally broke down and ordered some from OliveNation.

There. Done. Finito.

Now I can make that Porcini Ravioli or the Porcini Risotto and be done with it.

Next, black truffles, white truffles and various truffle oils.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Not to Self: Hot Peppered Olives

Never ever eat so fast that you get a piece of olive that was brined with a scotch bonnet hot pepper stuck in the back of your throat.

It is really really painful.


I love Comcast!

Ok. Maybe I don't love Comcast. Maybe I just love this Comcast repairman.

He came here earlier as opposed to later. 11:30 into a time range of 11 to 2. Yahoo! And he checked the lines, the wires, the basement, etc. Turns out there were a few issues.

First, the line coming into the house was loose. When he touched it he said it pulled right out. So he fixed that. Then he went downstairs and replaced all the connections so that the upstairs gets a big boost. And then he said there are a lot of live connections down there. I said, "DON'T TURN THEM OFF! We need a TV in every room and when we get one, we want to just connect it up and get cable!!!" He said, "ok, I'll put a booster down in the basement."

So off he goes for another 30 minutes down into the basement. We turned all the TV's on and I waited. First the internet came on. Then the living room TV. Then the master bedroom TV. Oh, then the kitchen TV. Happy happy happy!!

And the modem signal is much stronger than it was before.

Then I complained to him about how expensive cable is. So he asked if we had phone, too, from Comcast. I said we had we didn't and he said we could get a bundled package and it would only cost us $100 a month for a 2 year commitment. WOW! That would save us another $100 a month! AND we could keep the same home phone number. Of course, I told this to Joseph and of course, I said HE had to call. :o)

I love Comcast! Did I mention that?


Monday, August 17, 2009

Stupid Comcast!!!!

Internet doesn't work.
Something wrong with the wires coming into the house.
They are coming out tomorrow between 11 and 2.
So. Does anyone find this to be Not Right?

I have to be waiting. I could be working. But I don't have internet so it's not like I will be that productive. Sure. I have things to do that don't require internet. And I do have the Blackberry to get email. But still. That. Is. Not. The. Point.

So I might work from Starbucks til 11 and avail myself of their free wifi. Starbucks to the rescue. And thank God they are right around the corner. Literally. Like 200 yards from the house.

The problem is they may not fix it tomorrow. They may need this that and the other and will have to reschedule. We've had that happen to us before. And of course it will be too late and too much effort to go into the office for the remainder of the day. Which means I'll be back at Starbucks. Thanks God for Starbucks!!

We live in a town that is totally connected but you can't just use it for a day. You have to subscribe to it monthly. Big. Pain. Thank God for Starbucks!!

Oh jeez. I hope this Starbucks has wifi. What if it doesn't???? Arg!!!

Stupid Comcast!


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pretty Useless

How can such a little fall cause so much pain?

My wrist is strained, I think, because it hurts to move it or hold anything with my left hand. And my wound in my palm is starting to drain even more. Joseph put a dressing on it and somehow the draining has found a path under the adhesive and there's exposure to air. Which really hurts!

I can't even sit up in bed because I use my hands and wrists to push my body up! Forget about opening up bottles and holding anything. My right hand is working overtime; I never knew how much work my left hand does!

Last night, I took a nap while Joseph cooked dinner. Thank goodness for my Hunny Bunny!!! He can cook and doesn't mind cooking and as strange as it is, catering to a miserable person, he is also happy to be taking care of me!! It's quite unbelievable and I can't believe how lucky I am to be married to him. Seriously!

So right now, we're at the start of the Urban Epic Tri. Joseph is participating and I'm here to give him support. But I am so tired and my body is tired and achey. So I'm not much help right now. Pretty useless, in fact. Poor Joseph.

The funny thing is that my right shoulder which has been bothering me for months, STILL doesn't hurt right now. It's like the whole thing just got knock out of it bed of scar tissue and it has free range.

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Road Rash

And it wasn't from biking, either.

At the end of my 6 mile run this morning, my toe hooked the edge of the sidewalk, or something - who knows ... when I looked back I didn't see anything, and I went down. I did the windmill arms thing trying to right myself but then , when I figured out that it wouldn't work, all I could think of was protecting my head and my legs. That left me with nothing but my hands.

And so, I went down, sprawled out like I was going down the water slide, on pavement, hands outstretched, and I slid. I could hear it. I could feel it. It was slow motion!

When I got up, all I think of was, "Damn. Scary Trainer is going to be so pissed."
Then the pain set in, and the blood started coming and I saw the road rash - layers of skin had come off - and I knew I was screwed. ARG!!! Dang, it hurt!

And so, I limped home, cleaned myself off as best I could, and tried to stop the bleeding. Which refused to cooperate. So now, I am sitting here with a seeping wound that won't quit, pain in my wrist from the force of my body weight, and a left shoulder that is tight and achey. And I know that my left side took the brunt of the force because my right side is so unstable that it couldn't help brace from the fall. In fact, I have a light scrape and a puncture wound on my right side. And I think the fall loosened up scar tissue in my right shoulder because it hasn't felt this good for months! It's like that time I took a header off the bike, landed on my left side of my face, and that cured the cured the TMJ issue I had on me right side, once and for all.

I am wondering if I will heal in time for my Scary Trainer session on Wednesday. And I am so sitting around generally feeling really sorry for myself.

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Random Thoughts: Asian Butts

All Asian women have flat butts that tuck under.
I'm not sure about the men.
I don't look at their butts.



As in Body Odor.

Why is it that I've been inundated with the BO of other beings that I do not know?? Why is it they have entered my sphere closely enough to have their pungency invade my personal space???

First at the gym.
Now on the train.
First a big black guy literally throwing weight down and grunting.
Now a young slightly built clean looking woman with headphones on.

Why why why???

It better not get stuck in my olfactory system to have me smelling it through sushi dinner.



Thursday, August 13, 2009


30 minutes. That's how long I've been waiting. Ugh.
The nurse came over and took my questionnaire tablet and said she's waiting on a room.

Then I hear, "she can go into G3."
And I hear the nurse say, "I'm waiting on [some other room], I'm not comfortable in G3."
So just because you are a dolt, I have to wait longer.


And what is it with nurses?
There is such a population of fat ones.
I don't get it.
I don't.

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How Hard Is it to fill out a questionaire??

I am sitting here waiting for my annual check up and a woman sitting next to me gets called.

First of all, she's falling asleep.
Then she hands the electronic tablet to the nurse and says she didn't know how to fill it out.

I filled it out.
Did your father have cancer?
Your mother?
What is your age.
Your height.
Your weight.
Uh.... So what confused you?

And then she says that all her records are here so she didn't think she had to fill it out. Uh... That why they want you to fill it out. To update your records!

Sounds to me that she's either a dolt or she's lazy.
I say she's lazy.
Falling-asleep lazy.


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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Random Thought: Worse Things

The one thing worse than a good looking girl with a cigarette? A well dress good looking guy with a cigarette.

It can turn glam to slut and GQ to guido in a blink.


"Hi Hunny,"

I always worry when my Hunny Bunny starts out an email with those words. "Hi Hunny."

The latest email said:
"Here is what we have and what I am thinking for this weekend.

Friday night – Abby
Saturday – Zhong wen
Sunday – 8 AM Urban Epic Tri in Boston."
Just like that.
So casual.
So natural.

Urban EPIC???

He had better not be rapelling off the top of the Hancock building or anything like that.


Monday, August 10, 2009

Random Thought: Rubber Band Ball

I have this rubber band ball at work.
I started it from a single rubber band. And every time I get rubber bands, I add it to the ball. And now, hundreds of rubber bands have been added.

Right now it is the size between a baseball and a softball.
So it stands out, sitting there on my desk, in the middle of the folders, and pens, and paper...

Every time anyone comes into my office, they pick it up and play with it while they are talking. I don't think they even know they are doing it.

It will be interesting to see what happens when it is the size of a basketball.

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Sunday, August 09, 2009

What a day

I am totally exhausted.

And it's only 4pm.

Got up this morning
Had to get my OWN coffee MYSELF because Joseph left early for a bike ride. In NH. And he had DRIVE to get there. Yah. That bit of irony is not lost on me.

Have breakfast.
Deal with the dog.
Long Run -9 miles.
Go to Trader Joes.
Go to Bed Bath and Beyond.
Wrap gift.
Sign card.
Write a long note first.
Piddle and clean up.
Leave for a bridal shower in Concord.

And I am not even done.
Not by a long shot!


Saturday, August 08, 2009

Extra Innings!

Good Grief!
Yanks and Sox
Zero to zero
We're into extra innings.
Top of the 14th and no end in sight!!!

It's like a game of baseball monopoly.
Only, you can't just walk away and keep playing tomorrow.


Thursday, August 06, 2009

Spilt Tea

There is nothing like spilling a large cup of tea, as in a travel mug, aka 16-20 ounces of tea... to make you clean your desk.

And as much as I have spilled on my computer, it's a miracle that it works as well as it does. Or for that matter, that is works at all...

I think all the sticky stuff I have spilled has formed a protective shellac under the keyboard and made it all impermeable to water.

Which, of course, means that this laptop will never die and I am doomed to never upgrade again.


Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Today is my birthday

And I have lived a half century of life. And I do not know what to think about that.

I am looking back and wondering, "just what is it that I have done?"
And I am looking forward to my future and wondering, "I wonder if I can do more?"

I never worried about turning 40.
To me that was nothing but an annoying pimple.
Turning 50 is much bigger.
It's a half century.
In a different time, this would have been a huge milestone.
I would have been a grandmother, if I had survived.

Times are different.
I measure my life and wonder if I have lived it well enough to deserve another 50.
Or maybe another 40 or 30. Or even just another 20 or 10.

I have to think about what this means to mean, this occasion.
I know it means so much but the thoughts swirl in my mind without words to describe them.

I am a half century old.
What have I done?


Monday, August 03, 2009

Another New Restaurant: Min Sok

Ok. This one is at home. Again. Min Sok a Korean restaurant that opened a year ago and I've been meaning to go there and so tonight we did! YEAH! For my birthday. Yes yes yes. I know. Why go for Korean when I can make Korean? Because I want someone to cook COMFORT FOOD FOR ME SO I DON'T HAVE TO. That's why!

I didn't know what to expect but I was happy when I went in and saw all these Korean people! You can judge a place by how many people of that ethnic origin are eating there. That is especially true with Chinese and Korean food.

We had all the usual stuff. They had Arl Chigae which is spicy stew with Pollack Roe. It is hard to find. The Roe was a tad smallish which means they went CHEAP but it was still tasty. And since it is hard to find, I didn't mind so much.

The Tang Soo Yook was a big disappointing. It's supposed to be crispy but there was so much sauce, almost like drowing in the sauce that the crispy batter turned soggy half way through the meal.

Joseph had a chicken gui (bbq) that was cooked in the kitchen and brought out but there was no gui about it. But it was very tasty and Joseph liked it.

The array of ban chan (side dishes) were abundant but we didn't end up eating it as much as we usually do. Not sure why since it was all rather tasty. Maybe we were starting to get fooded out from having eating out for the last 3 days. Who knows.

We did notice a table that was eating sushi and according to the waitress, the sushi meals are a great value because it just keeps coming out and comes with a buncha stuff.

I think next time we go, we might have to dabble in the sushi and see what we get. I do know what to avoid next time, too. And I will try the bibimbop, and chajangmyun and other such stuff next time to how they are.


The Marginal way

We found the marginal way.

It's a footpath that traces the coastline of Ogunquit. We had seen it when we were walking around and I decided to get up this morning and do a part of my morning run on it.

I first ran to Perkins Cove which is a tiny clusters houses and shops at one of the jutting points of the coastline. Cute shops and the view from the point was beautiful.

Then I found the Marginal Way from Perkins Cove and ran along enjoying the sites. First, the views were just beautiful. And a lot of people use this path - walkers and runners alike. And it's not flat. In fact, it's downright hilly! ACK! I ended up running the entire length, got off the path, took a side road that took me further up the coast and then onto RT 1.

What started out as a 3 mile run became over 6 miles. It was so nice running along the water's edge. And when I got onto RT 1, I wasn't worried about running out of water. There little shops every few hundred yards and I ran from town to town. I had the best time.

I got back to the inn and Joseph said he was getting ready to get the search party out for me. A quick shower and then check out.

We decided to eat lunch in Perkins Cove. There were 3 places that looked interesting and we finally settled on Oarweed. Funny name. We sat out in front outsideand had a great view of the water. We had the double luxury kingsize lobster roll which was on a buttered kaiser and had the meat from a 1.25 pound lobster (ALL of it) in it. It was delicious! And frankly, I was lobstered out at that point.

We did some shopping at the little shops, went up to get some pastries on the way out of town and then headed home.

I was so happy. I love Ogunquit. I think it's more practical to buy a vacation place here than in Booth Bay. We agreed we would come back next year and try staying for a week before deciding. In the meantime, I am loving the Maine Coast. Now I am thinking I want to explore ALL of it before we settle down in an area. But then that might take a lifetime! All I know is that when I was younger, I dreamt of a small home, high on a hill, above the town village, with a view of the ocean, and living there and walking to town for the day's groceries and to the local baker. Maybe it will come true one day.

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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Gypsy Sweatheart with my Hunny Bunny

So, we are in Maine. My birthday is on Tuesday. And I had nothing planned, really. I had thought of going away but then it seemed like a lot of expense and a lot of trouble and so I planned to do the usual day off and do what I wanted.

Until Joseph came home and asked me what I wanted to do. And said we could go to Maine and drive up the coast and stop at whatever sights I wanted to see when the modd struck me, until we eneded up in Bar Harbor and then we could go to the Raye's Mustard Factory.


So, we did a little research an d turned out it wouldn't work out right due to the scheudle and the times they were open, yadda yadda yadda... so we decided to come up to Ogunquit, Maine instead.

I thought we were going for a drive since it's only about an hour and a half from the house. And Joseph suggested that we pack a small overnight in case we were running late and decided to stay up there.

And so, we drove up, and Joseph pulls into the parking lot of the Hartwell House Inn. Turns out he had made reservations for the night and surprised me! I was so psyched.

So, we unpacked and decided to walk around a bit. Turns out that we were closer to Perkins Cove but the walk up to Ogunquit Village was VERY doable. Under a mile along a single residential road lined with nice homes, inns, and cute little shops. We really enjoyed walking up and down the street and seeing all the sights.

I love this place. I like it better than Booth Bay. It's a very different feel. The people seem to be the same type of people as Booth Bay but there is more of a variety in terms of restaurants and shops. There is also a shuttle that takes to to Kennebunk, Wells and a couple of other shore towns. Very convenient!

We walked up and down the street,looking at menus, ducking into shops and finally decided on where to have dinner. We decided the menu at Gypsy Sweethearts was the most interesting. The name was a little weird to me, and I am sure it means something to someone who named it that, but the food was amazing. Turns out it is family owned - the son of the owners waited on us. And the food was absolutely fabulous. Did I mention that?

We started out with a Mumm Cuvee to along wih the Lobster bisque. This is a different kind of bisque.It wasn't the pureed orange soup. Instead it was a transulcent white soup in a lobster broth with chunks of lobster. It was delicious!

Joseph as the Crabcake and I had the Lobster Caesar Salad special that is literally a GIGANTIC caesar salad with a the meat from a full 1.25 pound lobster. GOOD GRIEF, it was DELICIOUS! So light, so filling, so quality! It was accompanied by a Joseph Drouin 2005 Chablis.

For dessert we had a blueberry galette with homemade whipped cream. YUMMY! Joseph had the homemade mint chip ice cream! And we washed it all down with a cappucino for each of us.

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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Random Thought: Three Salon Pas

I have on three Salon Pases.
My entire shoulder area is freezing.
And I smell like Menthol.