Monday, August 03, 2009

Another New Restaurant: Min Sok

Ok. This one is at home. Again. Min Sok a Korean restaurant that opened a year ago and I've been meaning to go there and so tonight we did! YEAH! For my birthday. Yes yes yes. I know. Why go for Korean when I can make Korean? Because I want someone to cook COMFORT FOOD FOR ME SO I DON'T HAVE TO. That's why!

I didn't know what to expect but I was happy when I went in and saw all these Korean people! You can judge a place by how many people of that ethnic origin are eating there. That is especially true with Chinese and Korean food.

We had all the usual stuff. They had Arl Chigae which is spicy stew with Pollack Roe. It is hard to find. The Roe was a tad smallish which means they went CHEAP but it was still tasty. And since it is hard to find, I didn't mind so much.

The Tang Soo Yook was a big disappointing. It's supposed to be crispy but there was so much sauce, almost like drowing in the sauce that the crispy batter turned soggy half way through the meal.

Joseph had a chicken gui (bbq) that was cooked in the kitchen and brought out but there was no gui about it. But it was very tasty and Joseph liked it.

The array of ban chan (side dishes) were abundant but we didn't end up eating it as much as we usually do. Not sure why since it was all rather tasty. Maybe we were starting to get fooded out from having eating out for the last 3 days. Who knows.

We did notice a table that was eating sushi and according to the waitress, the sushi meals are a great value because it just keeps coming out and comes with a buncha stuff.

I think next time we go, we might have to dabble in the sushi and see what we get. I do know what to avoid next time, too. And I will try the bibimbop, and chajangmyun and other such stuff next time to how they are.



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