Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dutch Treat in the valley

Down in the valley.... the valley so low....

Ok. Technically, it's not the valley just because we drove down the BIG HILL from the Sunset Hill House, but it feels like it.

We went to lunch today in the little town of Franconia which is next to Sugar Hill. We went on the search for Dutch Treat Downtown Restaurant & Grill and we missed it the first time, had to turn around, and double back.

It's a tiny place, easy to miss, sitting next to a deli that seems to be about 3 times bigger, and across from an ice cream store, a coffee place, a hardware store and a sporting good store - all of which we visited with the exception of the deli since it seemed a bit silly to go to the deli after eating lunch first.

It was coldly air conditionined, and had simple decor with wooden old fashioned tables and booths made of that 70's style laminated fiberboard that pretends to be wood but which we all know isn't.

There was one person who was waiting tables and doing a pretty good job of it. I think she was the owner or one of the owners. The website says that it is family owned.

The menu was surprisingly varied. We started out with the french onion soup which was very nicely done. Very cheesy provolone cheese over the top, not too much and not too little, with little croutons in the soup and lots of onions. Very aromatic. Very tasty.

And then a basket of onion rings. I like the onion rings where the batter is a little raggedy as opposed to the type that is perfectly battered rings since the former usually tells me that it's home made and no processed. We got the latter, and we think it is processed but there was real onion inside the perfectly formed circles of batter. Not the best onion rings that I've ever had but it was pretty decent.

I got the fried haddock sandwich with the cole slaw and Joseph got the blue cheese burger that supposedly had blue cheese inside of it, topped off by red onion.

My fish wasn't that-day-fresh but then, we get fresh fish on Monday's and well... we're spoiled and no fish is the same after. But if you don't get fresh fish on Mondays, I supposed it would have been just fine. It had a nice melting of cheese over it and the bun was very soft but not so much that it broke apart. For something so soft, it was surprisingly substantial. It came with lettuce and tomato and no pickle which kinda irritated me. But no matter... the cole slaw was quite tasty.

Joseph and I had split the burger and my fish sandwich and I wish I hadn't. I liked my sandwich much better than the burger. There was something about it which didn't taste right to me but I can't put my finger on it. And the blue cheese was a small sprinkling on top instead of being stuffed in the burger, and the smattering was so small that I couldn't really even taste it. It came with fries which were disappointing to me and I love french fries. They were a perfect golden but again, I can't put my finger on why I didn't like it.

No dessert. They had a decent beer list. Joseph had a Long Trail and I had a Newcastle.

Would I go there again? Sure. Why not? But I think next time we will try the Deli next door.

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