Thursday, August 27, 2009

Every three years

It happens. I get the group to run like a top. Managers in place, people are happy, doing a good job, processes are improving, we're getting better, life is starting to get easier for everyone. And then it happens.


So, I have inherited a whole group. It has a total of about 70 MORE people, another NEW location, and more people in SLC, where I only had one person and moving them out later would be easy. So now, I have 150 people total, 8 locations instead of 7, 7 direct reports instead of 4, and a whole new service line I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT! GAH!!!

Deep breath deep breath deep breath.

So, things seem to be going well now that we are into day 2 of transition.

Then I met with another guy from yet another division and he wants me to take on a WHOLE OTHER AREA with 1 more manager and 6 more people! GAH!

And this is only the beginning. There is at least 1 more move that is a definite. And another one that everyone is hell bent on making happen which is gonna be WAY political, and maybe another 2 or 3 later on.

Oh and I can take my time as long as we do it all by January 2010.

I mean, What the hell???

Oh, and I also have a new manager and we have essentially be elevated a level.
This means I also have a secretary. A SECRETARY!!! ARG!!! I do NOT need a secretary. Ok. She is very nice and seems okay but she wanted control of my calendar. MY CALENDAR! No one gets control of my calendar. NO ONE. And especially someone I just talked via email ONE DAY AGO and have never talked to face to face. Ya know???

So far, I have spent the week in back to back meetings. Everything I had been working on is tabled because I have this other stuff to do. And it was good stuff that I had been working on and now I think that I have to assign that old work to someone else. NOT. HAPPY.

I need to go to bed.



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