Sunday, August 02, 2009

Gypsy Sweatheart with my Hunny Bunny

So, we are in Maine. My birthday is on Tuesday. And I had nothing planned, really. I had thought of going away but then it seemed like a lot of expense and a lot of trouble and so I planned to do the usual day off and do what I wanted.

Until Joseph came home and asked me what I wanted to do. And said we could go to Maine and drive up the coast and stop at whatever sights I wanted to see when the modd struck me, until we eneded up in Bar Harbor and then we could go to the Raye's Mustard Factory.


So, we did a little research an d turned out it wouldn't work out right due to the scheudle and the times they were open, yadda yadda yadda... so we decided to come up to Ogunquit, Maine instead.

I thought we were going for a drive since it's only about an hour and a half from the house. And Joseph suggested that we pack a small overnight in case we were running late and decided to stay up there.

And so, we drove up, and Joseph pulls into the parking lot of the Hartwell House Inn. Turns out he had made reservations for the night and surprised me! I was so psyched.

So, we unpacked and decided to walk around a bit. Turns out that we were closer to Perkins Cove but the walk up to Ogunquit Village was VERY doable. Under a mile along a single residential road lined with nice homes, inns, and cute little shops. We really enjoyed walking up and down the street and seeing all the sights.

I love this place. I like it better than Booth Bay. It's a very different feel. The people seem to be the same type of people as Booth Bay but there is more of a variety in terms of restaurants and shops. There is also a shuttle that takes to to Kennebunk, Wells and a couple of other shore towns. Very convenient!

We walked up and down the street,looking at menus, ducking into shops and finally decided on where to have dinner. We decided the menu at Gypsy Sweethearts was the most interesting. The name was a little weird to me, and I am sure it means something to someone who named it that, but the food was amazing. Turns out it is family owned - the son of the owners waited on us. And the food was absolutely fabulous. Did I mention that?

We started out with a Mumm Cuvee to along wih the Lobster bisque. This is a different kind of bisque.It wasn't the pureed orange soup. Instead it was a transulcent white soup in a lobster broth with chunks of lobster. It was delicious!

Joseph as the Crabcake and I had the Lobster Caesar Salad special that is literally a GIGANTIC caesar salad with a the meat from a full 1.25 pound lobster. GOOD GRIEF, it was DELICIOUS! So light, so filling, so quality! It was accompanied by a Joseph Drouin 2005 Chablis.

For dessert we had a blueberry galette with homemade whipped cream. YUMMY! Joseph had the homemade mint chip ice cream! And we washed it all down with a cappucino for each of us.

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