Monday, August 24, 2009

Home at Last!

We are home. Thank the Good Lord in Heaven, we are HOME! And it feels so good to be here.

We got home yesterday afternoon. Joseph's sister Anne had stayed at our house over the weekend with her niece and the niece's boyfriend, along with an couple of friends, which I didn't know about but Joseph reminded me that he had told me on Friday that she had emailed him about picking up her friends from the airport...

Ok. So from that I was supposed to OSMOSE the fact that they were staying at the house, too? I should have been more explicit. Jeez.

Anyway, at first I had was feeling a little crowded but they turned out to be very nice, quiet people who were interesting to talk to so no worries. Annie and Jordan left and the couple stayed - they are leaving today to go back home to North Carolina. What a short trip for them. They are hoping to leave a little early so that they can explore Boston a little before heading to the airport.

Anyway, they went to the store and bought groceries and made us a great meal! I was so relieved. On the way home, I thought we would just go out to eat but it was nice to stay home and have someone else cook and I could just chill and deflate for a while.

So, today, it is back to the good ole drawing board. Working from home, trying to get stuff done. It's a busy week. I am not going to be seeing Joseph too much this weeks - he has something almost every night and when he is free, I have something going on. Wow.



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