Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I love Comcast!

Ok. Maybe I don't love Comcast. Maybe I just love this Comcast repairman.

He came here earlier as opposed to later. 11:30 into a time range of 11 to 2. Yahoo! And he checked the lines, the wires, the basement, etc. Turns out there were a few issues.

First, the line coming into the house was loose. When he touched it he said it pulled right out. So he fixed that. Then he went downstairs and replaced all the connections so that the upstairs gets a big boost. And then he said there are a lot of live connections down there. I said, "DON'T TURN THEM OFF! We need a TV in every room and when we get one, we want to just connect it up and get cable!!!" He said, "ok, I'll put a booster down in the basement."

So off he goes for another 30 minutes down into the basement. We turned all the TV's on and I waited. First the internet came on. Then the living room TV. Then the master bedroom TV. Oh, then the kitchen TV. Happy happy happy!!

And the modem signal is much stronger than it was before.

Then I complained to him about how expensive cable is. So he asked if we had phone, too, from Comcast. I said we had we didn't and he said we could get a bundled package and it would only cost us $100 a month for a 2 year commitment. WOW! That would save us another $100 a month! AND we could keep the same home phone number. Of course, I told this to Joseph and of course, I said HE had to call. :o)

I love Comcast! Did I mention that?



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Thanks for choosing us as your service provider!

Let me know if you need assistance with the bundling of services. You can contact us below :)

Best regards,

Mark Casem
Comcast Corp.
National Customer Operations

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