Saturday, August 29, 2009

Late Nights and Early Mornings DO NOT MIX!

So, last night, the Big Dinner happened. Other than the fact that the Chef and his Wife could not attend because she was stuck in Chicago on her way back from Vancouver because the air space around Boston was locked down due to all the presidents coming into town for Teddy Kennedy's funerial events, it was a rousing success.

The last couple left around 11:30 and we didn't get into bed until 12:30. Mix that with a couple extra glasses of wine, not enough water to compensate, and not a restful sleep, the morning was not pretty.

I woke up but was still exhausted. In fact, after we went out for breakfast, I went back to bed and sat there with my laptop and watche the funeral events on television. Then it was time to get up and study some modicum of Chinese before we headed out to Chinese class where I could barely keep my eyes open, I was so exhausted.

Then back home. I will say that my Streak is alive and well. It was raining all day and with the way I felt, I just did not have the energy to tackle the road. So I stayed indoors and made use of the treadmill. Phew.

I am going to sleep well tonight.

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