Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pretty Useless

How can such a little fall cause so much pain?

My wrist is strained, I think, because it hurts to move it or hold anything with my left hand. And my wound in my palm is starting to drain even more. Joseph put a dressing on it and somehow the draining has found a path under the adhesive and there's exposure to air. Which really hurts!

I can't even sit up in bed because I use my hands and wrists to push my body up! Forget about opening up bottles and holding anything. My right hand is working overtime; I never knew how much work my left hand does!

Last night, I took a nap while Joseph cooked dinner. Thank goodness for my Hunny Bunny!!! He can cook and doesn't mind cooking and as strange as it is, catering to a miserable person, he is also happy to be taking care of me!! It's quite unbelievable and I can't believe how lucky I am to be married to him. Seriously!

So right now, we're at the start of the Urban Epic Tri. Joseph is participating and I'm here to give him support. But I am so tired and my body is tired and achey. So I'm not much help right now. Pretty useless, in fact. Poor Joseph.

The funny thing is that my right shoulder which has been bothering me for months, STILL doesn't hurt right now. It's like the whole thing just got knock out of it bed of scar tissue and it has free range.

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