Saturday, August 15, 2009

Road Rash

And it wasn't from biking, either.

At the end of my 6 mile run this morning, my toe hooked the edge of the sidewalk, or something - who knows ... when I looked back I didn't see anything, and I went down. I did the windmill arms thing trying to right myself but then , when I figured out that it wouldn't work, all I could think of was protecting my head and my legs. That left me with nothing but my hands.

And so, I went down, sprawled out like I was going down the water slide, on pavement, hands outstretched, and I slid. I could hear it. I could feel it. It was slow motion!

When I got up, all I think of was, "Damn. Scary Trainer is going to be so pissed."
Then the pain set in, and the blood started coming and I saw the road rash - layers of skin had come off - and I knew I was screwed. ARG!!! Dang, it hurt!

And so, I limped home, cleaned myself off as best I could, and tried to stop the bleeding. Which refused to cooperate. So now, I am sitting here with a seeping wound that won't quit, pain in my wrist from the force of my body weight, and a left shoulder that is tight and achey. And I know that my left side took the brunt of the force because my right side is so unstable that it couldn't help brace from the fall. In fact, I have a light scrape and a puncture wound on my right side. And I think the fall loosened up scar tissue in my right shoulder because it hasn't felt this good for months! It's like that time I took a header off the bike, landed on my left side of my face, and that cured the cured the TMJ issue I had on me right side, once and for all.

I am wondering if I will heal in time for my Scary Trainer session on Wednesday. And I am so sitting around generally feeling really sorry for myself.

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Blogger MommaRunner1 said...

Oh, man! I just came upon this older blog of yours quite by accident and I feel sooo much better. I'm training toward another half marathon not too far from now. I went on my long run yesterday and tripped over debris in the road. I basically went flying, face planted like a crime scene outline and road rashed my knee and elbow. Both are pretty bruised and my knee is swollen. I don't long did you take off??? I feel like a lazy bean not getting out there tomorrow. I took one day off. Pointers???

11:09 PM  
Blogger MommaRunner1 said...

By the way....I have soooo wanted to blog the same way you are about how running has changed my life. I suffered from MAJOR postpartum depression. Running (besides the Lord) is the "medicine" that keeps me happy/ joyful! I'm a life timer!!!

11:13 PM  

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