Friday, August 28, 2009

Streak Day 5 Report

So, today I am on Day 5 of the New Streak. I went out for 4 miles and ended up running 6.4. My wrist is a little sore from the hostling and the tension from holding it up and my knees are a tad sore from the
pounding but that's not unusual for me after a week or two of virtual slothness.

Anyway, the weather was cool and dry and I really felt great. It felt so good to be out there. I ran with my footpod and no HRM and I wonder if the HRM actually holds me back on some runs. I kept looking and since I didn't have a HRM to monitor, I just kept running and didn't worry about it. This was also one of my fastest 6 milers in a really long time.

I also figured out my diet. The bigger dinners I eat, the worse off I am. The more carbs I eat, the more I weigh. I've been keeping it under 100 grams of carbs a day with 120 grams of protein. Fats fall wherever but it's not like you can eat a ton of fat on it's own and I tend to make wiser food choices anyway. When I do this my calories are right around 1600 which is probably a good place for me. I drop like 3+ pounds of water in a few days. And then yesterday, I went out with Lilly and had some sashimi and my beloved spicy scallop hand roll. Total carbs around 115-125 depending the the true value in the food. Got on the scale this morning and I am up a pound! ARG! I am hoping it's the sodium from the soy sauce.

So, of course, I am starting to get it and the news is slowly starting to sink into my thick skull...

Anyway... Tomorrow's weigh in won't be so great either. I am cooking dinner for a partner at a law firm who collects mid-century chinese porcelain, his wife who used to own a restaurant, two women who own BRIX Wine Shop, a Chinese woman who's famiy owns the 3rd largest shippng company in the world (or something like that) and her husband who is a chef and owns a restaurant in Boston. Oh, and then there are Yongmei and Richard, both of whom just like to eat and drink.

I am cooking Korean food. More carbs. More Sodium. More food.

So tomorrow, I expect to have gained 5 pounds. Thankyouverymuch...

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Blogger Paul Nichols said...

It's tomorrow. I'm up real early for some crazy reason. Anyway, I hope you have a most successful dinner this evening. I know it's no small thing.

6:44 AM  

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