Monday, August 17, 2009

Stupid Comcast!!!!

Internet doesn't work.
Something wrong with the wires coming into the house.
They are coming out tomorrow between 11 and 2.
So. Does anyone find this to be Not Right?

I have to be waiting. I could be working. But I don't have internet so it's not like I will be that productive. Sure. I have things to do that don't require internet. And I do have the Blackberry to get email. But still. That. Is. Not. The. Point.

So I might work from Starbucks til 11 and avail myself of their free wifi. Starbucks to the rescue. And thank God they are right around the corner. Literally. Like 200 yards from the house.

The problem is they may not fix it tomorrow. They may need this that and the other and will have to reschedule. We've had that happen to us before. And of course it will be too late and too much effort to go into the office for the remainder of the day. Which means I'll be back at Starbucks. Thanks God for Starbucks!!

We live in a town that is totally connected but you can't just use it for a day. You have to subscribe to it monthly. Big. Pain. Thank God for Starbucks!!

Oh jeez. I hope this Starbucks has wifi. What if it doesn't???? Arg!!!

Stupid Comcast!



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